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Yesterday I accompanied my friend who was taking their dog to the vet for shots. 
 After sitting in the waiting room for a few minutes, in came a police officer – looking very much like Rambo with wrap around sun glasses.  His hair was cut short, his  short sleeve shirt was stretched over his bulging tattooed bicepts – I think the tattoo read “mother”.  A prominent badge was hanging on a necklace centered on his chest over a black bullet proof vest (with had an apron panel which hung over his crotch),  and he was carrying some serious firepower in his holster.  
I thought, this guy has to be a K9 cop – maybe his dog is getting shots too?
I was dying to take a photo of the fellow – you know me with a camera - but it didn’t seem polite.   I commented to him that he appeared – in his bullet proof vest - as if he were ready for just about anything.
You’ve got to be ready, he said, they have guns.
The dogs have guns? I asked.
No, not the dogs, the owners…
And then the officer was escorted by the vet down the hallway.
When it came our turn to see the vet I asked the vet what the officer was doing at the Veterinary Office.
Oh, you mean the guy that looks like Rambo? Asked the vet. He is the animal cruelty officer, and he came here to photograph a dog which has been abused.
Will the dog be alright? my friend asked. 
Yeah, the dog’s beat pretty bad, but he will recover.  
Then the vet said that there was more animal cruelty than he had seen in the past, and that he thought the tough economy and house breaking and using dogs – not as companions or pets but just to protect property -  had a lot to do with the upswing in cruelty.
Well, I will tell you one thing, if you are abusing an animal, and this police officer shows up at your door, I don’t think the officer  will be intimidated by you, or any animal you keep.   
And you will be prosecuted. With photos.
What a tough job to have….


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tough indeed

 This must have been Gateway on Abby. I don't know how the staff there can take it as the stories are really horrendous at times. Gateway is the place that many abused and injured animals are taken and they see the dark side that humanity inflicts on those that can not defend themselves , and the only focus is how to help the animal. I am so glad that we have those folks, and the tough police officer. The vet at Gateway worked on legislation in Columbus about 10 years ago to get animal cruelty changed from a misdemeanor to a 4th degree felony. We in the community also bear some responsibility to intervene if we know that this is happening and call the animal cruelty officers at the APL. Call the police to. Tell the neighbors. Save the dog or cat. Save humanity.

Thanks for sharing this story.