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want to play your self on stage at a library - How might libraries serve 21st century information needs? non-fiction theater groups access at libraries - tremont anti-mob vs. temont mob, public theater group - all species - seeking a place to do our non-fiction public theater - seating for about 50 - 100 - to start once a week ? - evening and days 2 to 3 hours or more - handicapped acces - all folks will play them selves - all players will be entiteled to a precentage of any profits from donations - all players will use their - any emails comments documents videos audio news media stories letters notes imagination photos and what ever else comes and laugh cry controled anger spiritual theraphy surpised and what ever emotions truth - to counteract the mob criminal corrupt behavior of sammy catania and others in tremont that are attempting to destroy anyone that speaks truth to power -

sophia k-9 partner and guy

a signer needed for the deaf - hearing imparied -

tremont comes togeather - the truth shall set us free -

guy templeton black - and sophia k-9 - activist - senior - journalist - pastor - military veteran -


blood sweat tears and laugh|By sophia, k-9 and guy templeton black


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