Snowy Day

FREE Snow!


Or Water--depending on how you look at it :)

SNOW...SNOW.... SNOW....

It's like a WHIRLWIND TORNADO out there today!  I hear...they are talking about a "rain water tax"....just.... WHEN are "THEY" going to stop?

Rain Barrel Tax Relief

Instead, they should talk of Rain Barrel Tax Relief... Grey Water Tax Relief... Permeable Driveway Tax Relief... incentives to reduce water consumption and waste going down our drains and sewers, as I believe they are doing in Cincinnati.

Disrupt IT

Snow tax...

 That might just pay for the Cleveland Promise...,9171,843866,00.html

The latest tax our benevolent GCP keepers want to impose on the "poor" in NEO....

Ideally, a Cleveland Promise program would include the inner-ring suburbs and, eventually, the entire county. But taking such an effort countywide would entail a larger contribution from the public, probably in the form of a voter-approved tax increase. For now, the focus is on Cleveland.

Meanwhile, time is of the essence. A Cleveland Promise may not be an original idea, but it's a big and worthy one. And it's in desperate need of a benefactor.

Cleveland: Promise Denied... will we ever learn?

Cleveland: Promise Denied - Great Find... will we ever learn?... Conclusion from 1967:

—the city's next administration will have a tough task. Not only must it win back from Washington the financial support necessary to rebuild a habitable city. It must also win back the confidence of a jittery and frustrated population.

Read more:,9171,843866-2,00.html#ixzz182B1CycY

Over the next 3-4 years Clevelanders must clean house in city council - replace most representatives - and get busy dumping Jackson and his motly crew in City Hall...

Anyone GOOD even thinking abut running for Mayor in 2012... yet?

Do you really want to wind up with Jeff Johnson as Mayor? He's "here to stay"!

Disrupt IT

Joe Eszterhas--Telling lies in America

Kérem--Please contact me via this site--I have a movie script for grandfather knew your father quite well...

Working title: Garden Ave.


What wonderful photos' and the video was you made the" little girl" feel "JOY" today!

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