Question of the Day: Did You Know Last Week Was National Lead Poisoning Prevention Awareness Week?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 10/25/2009 - 04:02.

I was reviewing emails from last week and read, from the EPA, "EPA Proposes Tightening Standards for Lead-Safe Renovation Practices and Lead Paint Dust to Protect Children", which reports "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is marking National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week by announcing several actions the agency proposes to take to prevent lead poisoning."

Do you remember hearing anything in Northeast Ohio about last week being National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week? 

Anything in the PD... on GreenCityBlueLake... on TV, about a Mayor's Press Conference or community health summit?

There was public awareness in cities all over America, in smart places like Chicago and Detroit!

Did Cleveland Foundation CEO Ronn Richard speak at the City Club of the connection between Lead Poisoning and the failure of our schools and economy?

We know he fought hard to keep one German brain from draining town... what about fighting for the brains of all our home-grown, home-poisoned children?

You should have seen all that and more, here in one of the most lead poisoned places in America.

Consider the facts, from the CDC website promoting this week to the civilized world: "Today, childhood lead poisoning is considered the most preventable environmental disease among young children, yet an estimated 250,000 U.S. children have elevated blood-lead levels."

Compared to N1H1, lead poisoning is a real national health emergency, and has been for nearly a century, in America...

..."the most preventable environmental disease among young children"...

Do you recall hearing about N1H1 last week?

N1H1 news is good for the news business.

I don't recall President Obama making a national statement about National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, or taking police actions protecting children and pregnant women from lead poisoning, or even whispering that this is a national emergency.

I don't recall Mayor Jackson or any Northeast Ohio leaders making a Northeast Ohio leadership statement about National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, or protecting children and pregnant women from lead poisoning, or that this is a regional emergency.

Sustainable Cleveland 2019? Please... what a circle-jerking, appreciative disgrace of a joke.

Because of the powerful influence in Northeast Ohio of Northeast Ohio powerhouses Sherwin Williams, a paint company frequent sued in lead poisoning cases, and Jones Day, a law firm frequently defending paint companies in lead poisoning litigation, we don't hear anything useful about lead poisoning in the mainstream, commercial media, in Northeast Ohio, ever.

Lead poisoning news is bad for the news business.

We do hear much about what Sherwin Williams wants citizens to hear about, in Northeast Ohio.

Sherwin Williams contributed $30,000 to creating the public awareness they want the public to hear, being about Issue 6... the NEOCON initiative to eliminate Cuyahoga County government as we know it.

Cuyahoga County government has been the leading force in the drive in Northeast Ohio to eradicate lead poisoning in the region... a crisis with direct connections to Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams clearly believes it is easier and cheaper to eradicate responsible county government than the causes of lead poisoning, for which Sherwin Williams should help pay the bills.

That is a great crime.

Northeast Ohioans, you have been fooled and treated like assholes again, by your corrupt and incompetent leadership and their all-powerful corporate sponsors.

Last week was National Lead Poisoning Prevention Awareness Week, and your leaders did nothing to make you aware of that fact.

I'm sorry I only realized this today - I would have embarrassed our leaders into doing something about this, last week.

Now, instead, I will dedicate time and space on REALNEO next week to address the shortcomings of our community leadership in addressing lead poisoning here, and our leaders may hide in shame.

The greatest shortcoming of our community leadership in addressing lead poisoning here, for today, is our complete lack of regional responsibility to participate in National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, and use that national movement to improve the health, well being and quality of life of the residents of Northeast Ohio.

Boy, are our leaders lead poisoned!

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