Sierra Club says We all need to call Senator Brown today with a single message: SUPPORT CLEAN AIR ACT

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 02/19/2011 - 18:24.
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Dear Fellow Ohio Sierra Club Members,

At the start of this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally began using its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. Already, however, powerful forces in Congress--including some Democrats--are working to strip that authority away or delay its long-overdue implementation. We need to make sure Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown stands firm in defense of EPA's authority to cut greenhouse gas pollution right away.

EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gases is the only tool we have right now at the national level to start combating climate change. Taking it away--or delaying it after all these years of inaction--is absolutely unacceptable.

We all need to call Senator Brown today with a single message:

"We're counting on you, Senator Brown, to support and defend full and immediate implementation of EPA's authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act."

Call Senator Brown today at his Cleveland office (216-522-7272), his toll-free Ohio line (1-888-896-6446), or his Washington office (202-224-2315).

Senator Brown is a traditional ally of the Sierra Club on energy and climate issues, but we need to make sure he doesn't waver in this tough political landscape. If he hears from enough Ohioans with this message, we believe he'll do the right thing.

Sierra Club Northeast Ohio Group

Ohio is still a coal state.

I respectfully disagree w/ the regulation of CO2 under the CAA.  The EPA should continue to strive towards public health improvements and stay away from political agendas. 

Senator Brown also must understand a large number of his constituents work in the coal industry and utilize coal as a fuel to produce a product.  These industries are also heavily unionized and tend to fund Senator Brown's re-election efforts.  Better yet, ask the Senetor where the school funding will come from when indusrty closes its doors and our good paying union jobs dry up.

Displacing Ohio coal and regulating industry into bankruptcy will have a negative impact on Ohio's economic development. 

It seems like common sense to me, but I'm only one guy.



You go add $ trillion to the economy here

You go add $ trillion to the economy here and get back to me... see "I just spoke with the realtor who sold me my house in East Cleveland - he says he didn't know about the coal-burning here"

I'll work on saving those enslaved coal miners and finding them new industry in Ohio to make a clean living, without killing the rest of us in the process.

COAL IS DEAD! Ohio is being reborn. America is being reborn (too late... but better late than never... I hope).

I care if my kids get Type 1 Diabetes, etc... I even care if you get Alzheimer's, like my Grandmother, from the toxicity of Toledo in the bad old days.

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