Question of the day: Where was this real NEO championship sporting event held today?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 01/09/2010 - 21:30.

Sleders in Northeast Ohio

Why do citizens of Northeast Ohio pay $ millions a year in taxes to subsidize professional sports teams, exercising, entertaining and enriching few, when we are a community of so many? In Northeast Ohio, we have four spectacular seasons offering residents every imaginable sporting and recreational opportunity for the taking. We don't need to pay taxes to watch strangers having fun.

Where was this truly championship Northeast Ohio realNEO sporting event held today?

realNEO Sledders


Bonus question... who won?

Buster and MacDermott

I expect you to have the right answer to where, at least...?

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blue sled won at ASM

Nice header, btw.   I can spot a bit of the shadow of the dome on the snow to the left of the sledders.

American Society of Materials in Geauga County  has a nice slope down from the street to the geodesic dome.   

With your clues, and the shadows, must be on the front lawn slope in the image below:

image jeff buster american society for materials geodesic dome fuller



Tha answer is....

Seen here...

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Forest Hills Park??

I assume somewhere close to you---man, I love the contrast, shadow and colors! Bravo.

Not near me... but definitely realNEO

The answer is in the shadow of the header...

Nikon D300

Wait til I get a D3 and a few other lenses

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Hint to part 2

How you play the game counts...

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Big hint to part 1

See ambient 12

Humanity's Mastery of Materials

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On the west side

I saw kids sledding down the huge hill off of Clark Ave. that goes down to Steelyard Commons. Made me wish it was really more of a commons and that at the end of their slide down the hill, they'd end up at a park instead of a strip mall. Oh well, at least they've got some greenspace in which to sled.  


something nice out of the hill!