reading a book on a snowy day

Submitted by Susan Miller on Sat, 01/10/2009 - 09:45.

Snow is blowing by my window this morning and I have just watched my neighbor and his 6 year old son dig out their driveway and drive away. I cruised over to to see what is news in NEO... not much.

So I returned to REALNEO and opened a book: REALNEO TOPSOIL - Technology Optimization Platform for Social Organization, Innovation and Learning

Norm has organized the "business" of REALNEO into a "book" here with numerous chapters. So if your interest was piqued recently by Jeff Buster's DREAM FOR REALNEO and you are wondering what in the world makes REALNEO different from this blogspot, that wordpress or the other web group, get a cup of cider or tea or coffee and open the book. The chapters are that column of links to your left as you open to the TOPSOIL.

Looks like in between shoveling, sledding and baking, this weekend could be a good time to revisit what makes Norm's dream for REALNEO unique.

Disclaimer - I have to admit that I signed on here not because I understood all this, but reading it now, I appreciate even more being a member of and a contributor to REALNEO. I'll also say that while I sometimes sigh and throw up my hands when challenged by ideas presented here (sometimes it is just the tone), I continue to learn what a brilliant idea this platform is. Some of us are just slow, Norm (I speak for myself). I'm running as fast as I can to catch up, but seriously - some days it is as easy for me as reading Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. For me REALNEO is a post graduate level course and I'm digesting it in my own time.

It might be nice to have another meet-up to review the history and see in a visual presentation what has happened since 2004. Just a cursory review of your attempts to have people work together here indicates a dogged determination and tenacity toward social equity and a media option that rivals so and so's determination to suck as much money out of the region as developer could suck. Now who's a more visionary developer? And who's really attempting to create value for the real North East Ohio?