Earle B. Turner - Court Clerk missing work 1st, now missing DUI reporting to Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 22:17.

 Hat tip to Gariel Baird and PD editors for what appears to be their investigative reporting regarding Cleveland Clerk of Court Earle B. Turner and the Clerk’s failure to report court results to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

I purposely very infrequently link to the Dirty Dealer – but for this report I will – here.
The Clerk’s office failed to notify the Bureau when certain individuals were convicted of driving under the influence - and other serious issues -which might result in license suspension and or increased insurance premiums.
Funny, a few of the reporting omissions involved public figures.
There would not have been any quid pro quo here? Could there be money involved? In  Cleveland?
Come on….be serious.
Another reason to support Phil Pavarini.
Turner is pulling down $150.000 tax payer paid salary annually, and can’t get the job done.
Good night Earle.  
Vote this guy out!
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