Question of the Day: Who pays for the unCoolCleveland Dynasty And Why?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 04/24/2010 - 13:57.

I just stumbled through the stark, ghost-town of Ed-and-Hunter-Morrison-self-promoting formerly George-Nemeth-self-promoting Brewed Fresh Daily land, and over to the neon lights of the glitzy apparently paid product placement based unCoolCleveland dynasty, now featuring original low budget video programming called NEOtropolis... after I finished puking, a lot, I wondered who pays for this unCoolCleveland Dynasty and why? Who really believes such propaganda may be real? Or cool? Or helpful for our economy?

Propaganda corrupts free markets - this is a bunch of commie bullshit. The money wasted on all this may be used for far better things!

These people may be very wealthy from their "social media consulting", and so are funding all this unCoolness brewed daily themselves, but this dynasty seems more like a bunch of day jobs, meaning these people and their supporters are paid to propagandize... it is a bunch of paid product placement advertising... by whom?

Is any public funding supporting all this, as I really question it having any value to the community, and I believe it causes the community harm?!

Any 3rd Frontier money wasted here?

Anyone who knows me knows I am entirely dissatisfied by the state of this social media "leadership" here, and my volunteer work for realNEO is in stark contrast to the work of other social media "experts" in town - and my work has not been supported by any of the people now funded to create propaganda, and has been harmed by them.

So, to avoid being seen as like or supportive of them, I will always go to great lengths to draw the distinctions between unCool social media and realNEO, as we of realNEO continue to grow and change the world, and the unCool world remains unCool.

As a closing observation, I recall in the beginning of unCoolCleveland the dynasty was largely funded by product placements for all the unsmart tax-abated urban developments around Tremont and downtown... you have them to thank for the hype that has made much of Cleveland so uncool, and poor.

Propaganda corrupts marketplaces, leading to inefficiencies and unwise speculation, as has been at the core of community development here. Stop the propaganda machines, and the markets may correct themselves.

Speaking of NEOcrapolis... The Dynasty Announces endorsements

Speaking of NEOcrapolis... The Dynasty Announces endorsements

Drumroll, please... whoever is behind unCoolCleveland Brewed Fresh Daily NEOcrapolis has announced their very selective endorsements for the May 4th Primary... it's all a bunch of bullshit.... for example:

Vote for Lee Fisher for Democratic Senate Primary Although Cool Cleveland generally does not endorse in primary races, we are breaking our own rule to endorse Lee Fisher for the Democratic Senate Primary. Fisher’s opponent, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is refreshingly bold and decisive, and this makes our endorsement of Fisher a tough call. We need more women in the Senate, and Jennifer Brunner is sharp. Like many in NEO, we’ve know Lee Fisher for many years, and feel representation of Northeast Ohio by Lee Fisher, a longtime resident of our region, will benefit the largest population center in the state, and therefore the entire state. Fisher has served a wide range of roles throughout the years, and is well educated on all the key issues and the needs of our state. He is also a fighter and his recent position as Lieutenant Governor has put him in charge of economic development for the state, a role he can be expected to take forward to Washington. We urge you to VOTE for LEE FISHER in the Democratic Senate Primary.

Like I said... a bunch of bullshit.

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BTW, Laura... you allow social media to be corrupted

BTW, Laura... you allow social media to be corrupted and you may forget about having good, independent political representation like by Brunner - you will be represented by the uncool people of the unCool Dynasties.

Does that make social computing freedom personal enough?

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Norm--I voted BRUNNER

I already voted and I voted for can give me grief for my alleged corruption of social media next time you see me.   I don't have the energy to fight on line....

One happy note to report--my union SEIU delivered an endorsement of Jennifer Brunner to my house to day.  Yeah :)

You didn't corrupt social media here...

You didn't corrupt social media here... it is a short list who did

Go Brunner - with her as Senator this community may see some fair treatment and equality for all citizens, instead of our leaders Zoneing in on who should live well and who should not, and corrupting free markets with their commie corruption.

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