Will This 'Unleash A Nightmarish Timeline For Our Planet' Or 'Just Deliver A Glancing Blow'? Biggest Solar Flare 4-20-2016

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(MORE KILLER EARTHQUAKES ALERT) The story that Steve Quayle linked to on his website Monday morning from the Extinction Protocol asked why our planet Earth had been struck by so many devastating earthquakes recently. As Susan Duclos recently told us, scientists were extremely concerned following the outbreak of several deadly quakes across the planet and as we learn within this story and the  below video ,our planet is now in line to receive a 'glancing blow' following the biggest solar flare of the year, a flare that is expected to arrive at our planet on Wednesday, April 20th.  

Prior to the eruption of a massive M6.7 solar flare from the sun on an earthbound path early Monday morning, scientists had warned that the 'really big ones', possibly up to 4 devastating earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 or more, were quite possible under the current conditions and within the near future. It has also long been warned that massive solar flares can be contributing factors in earthquakes upon our own planet.  

According to scientists at (NCAR) in Boulder, Colo. The next solar activity cycle will be 30 to 50 percent stronger than the previous one, and up to a year late in arriving. ... One needs to go back over 8,000 years in order to find a time when the sun was, on average, as active as it is at present! They were speaking about the solar activity we are starting to experience at this time.

NASA admitted on their website: Spacequakes can cause Northern lights and magnitude 5 or 6 earthquake.


According to SpaceWeather.com, NOAA forecasters say that a CME hurled into space by today's M6.7-flare might deliver a glancing blow to Earth's magnetic field on April 20th. As we learn in the 1st video below, due to that 'glancing blow' from the largest solar flare we have seen this year that is supposed to arrive on the 20th, we have one more reason that an earthquake warning has been issued for that day.

The Nikkei Asian Review tells us that geologists and scientists in Japan were very concerned following this unusual 'quake cluster' that has kept the nation of Japan on edge and warnings that Biblical quakes may soon follow. With Earth now going through major changes and 'birth pangs' and 40 volcanoes across the planet now erupting, 34 along the 'Ring of Fire', we can only make sure that we ourselves are prepared for anything that might come. To 'awaken to the dangers' a massive quake or solar flare could bring AFTER the event has happened will clearly be too late. 

Two recent stories from CNET and Gizmodo 'coincidentally' looked at what might happen should a 'killer solar flare' strike our planet Earth, both stories coming to us from less than a month ago. The Gizmodo story is called "A Nightmarish Timeline Of What Would Happen To The Earth After A Massive Solar Flare" and in it we're told: At first, things could actually be rather beautiful: worldwide auroras! A brighter sun! But then things would rapidly get ugly, with the breakdown of communications, rolling power outages, and a burning away of the ozone.

The story from CNET told us: "If the sun were to produce a superflare it would be disastrous for life on Earth; our GPS and radio communication systems could be severely disrupted and there could be large-scale power blackouts as a result of strong electrical currents being induced in power grids."


As most ANP readers know, if the power grid goes down in America for any extended period of time, things will quickly go from ugly to much, much worse. The CNET story also tells us that IF such a solar flare happens, it could quickly bring our entire planet to a standstill...and it could literally 'fry our planet at any moment'

Is our planet Earth about ready to be hit by a monstrous earthquake or series of quakes that dwarf anything that our planet has seen in more than 100 years? As this interesting story from the Investment Watch Blog tells us, a quite similar progression of Earthquakes occurred in 1906 that is happening now with massive quakes striking Ecuador, Japan and then San Francisco, which was struck with a 7.8 quake on April 18th, 1906. Is a massive California quake in the offing? From Prepper Fortress.:   

End time events will continue and increase in strength. Be witness of how the earth is crumbling into pieces by devastating tornadoes, erupting volcanoes, massive earthquakes, war and never ending floods. Stay tuned for more upcoming and devastating events.

Life After Devastating Events like earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption and EMP — No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet! Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!

Were the massive quakes that recently struck our planet caused by natural forces or are other 'sinister' forces at play as argued in the 2nd and 3rd videos below? As our videographer in the 2nd video tells us, there is a possibility that HAARP is responsible for the recent quakes as we've learned in Steve Quayle's book "Weather Wars And Other Un-Natural Disasters", HAARP has been used to create 'manmade earthquakes' as an 'earthquake machine'. As the videographer in the 3rd video argues, CERN too may be at fault for these recent quakes as it has recently been 'turned up full blast' and it has been argued that CERN also has the ability to cause such devastating results.  

Is our planet ready to be struck by a massive quake caused by this recent solar flare or is maybe something even worse on the horizon such as a solar unleashed electro-magnetic pulse? As this story from CDA News tells us, after the quakes in Japan and Ecuador, experts are on alert for the 'big one' hitting America.  While there is certainly no guarantee that another devastating quake or an EMP from the sun is going to happen soon, we're all best served by being prepared for any of these possibilities while praying for and working towards the best for ourselves, our famlies and humanity.



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