Opening Celebration of the Head Shop, in Cleveland's up & coming Collinwood art district on Waterloo

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I received a Facebook Group invitation from a computer programmer Facebook friend in town that led me to his Facebook account and the following message - "10 years in one job then one day, out of the blue, unemployed. What's a person to do? Easy, open a Head Shop in Cleveland's up & coming art district on Waterloo. Close to the Beachland, straight off the freeway. Opening day is June 6th."

Today I received an invitation to the opening day events of The Head Shop I thought I'd share with the realNEO community, along with this further insight from The Head Shop website:

About Us

Well, there is only me unless you count the shop then it's an us.

Someone told me the other day, the shop's like my new girlfriend so I guess it's an us then.

Our vision is to run a store that celebrates and gives rightful honor to a pastime that so many adore, a natural substance that so many suffer in pain for the criminality of, that so many become intimate with the criminal system because of.

I need to make enough money to pay my mortgage too but I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

I make no bones about it, I am pro marijuana for medical and all uses. I have to play by the rules to be able to run a shop but I'm not hiding.

The Head Shop is a mix of high end and reasonably priced. Water pipes, bowls, chillums, grinders and more. Some of the smaller wood and glass bowls are inexpensive but, nothing's cheap.

We also sell the best locally made incense, the best hand made soaps, the best hand painted Rasta influenced shirts. In my opinion it's the best but not the most expensive.

As I get older I don't yearn the same for more, more, more. When I do acquire possessions though I appreciate well made and good value. My old friend Aaron once said "Price is forgotten long after the quality remains".

There's a lot you can do to enhance your mind, body and soul.

Spending a coupla bucks at The Head Shop might just be one of them.

Hey dudes, I'm new at this, come say Hey! and help a Brother out with a purchase, smile, advice, you all got a lot of that I'll be betting.

The Head Shop - 126 East 156, Cleveland, OH

Opening Event Facebook URL:


Join us as we celebrate our Grand  Opening. Door prizes and giveaway s. Take a look at some vintage VW   cars and buses \nand watch live glass blowing. Bring an instrument and  jam with us!!

The party will con tinue on through the night @ The B oardwalk

Hope to see you there!




The Head Shop
126 East 156
Cleveland, OH
United States
Phone: (216) 403-0328

The Head Shop Rule

Also from The Head Shop website - The Head Shop Rule... which does not apply to realNEO - have you taken the poll... "Legalize It or Criminalize It - Should NEO/Ohio Lead The World in Medical Marijuana R&D, Production and Revenues?"

Head Shop's Rule


B is for Bob

There is only one rule but it has to be strictly adhered too.


C is for Carlos

An inane and arcane rule yes but a rule none the less. Breaking this rule jeopardizes my livelihood and exposes me to the very real threat of criminal prosecution.

All mention of illegal substances is forbidden. All of our products are for tobacco use only. If after being politely reminded of "The Rule", you continue, we will regretfully have to ask you to leave the store.

Until such inanity and arcaneness ceases, we all have to play the game, as stupid as it may seem to us.

Thank You

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