Question for realneo when does a freedom fighter give up

Submitted by Boerboel Breeder on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 19:19.

What  if Martin Luther King gave up on his dream and then gave up on his people in his community.  What if Harriet Tubman gave up on her dream and mission. In nature only the weak give up because it is a death sentence. The pup that refuses water to drink will surely die. Rest assured I will never give up

One thing my that I learned from my grandmother Sister Raffie is that you never throw people away. That is why I continue topray for you and your family and continue to try and talk some sense into you Norm. You don't throw an entire city away because of the actions of four people. Four people do not represent the entire city of East Cleveland.

Tell us all why did you really give up on East Cleveland?

Do you really care about us I know you say that you do?

I pose this question to the membership and community of Real Neo because I want to shed light on the condition of our society today that I think needs to be addressed. Justice does not eaqual just us. Too often we have been bamboozeled and hoodwinked into following evil weak and hypocritical leadership. Let today be the day that we begin to follow the doers who lead by example with respect for the opponent. We need to stop with the crying and do something.

Lets make peace not war. Too often we want to fight. One person trying to weild their power over the other. I live and will die by do unto other as you would have them do unto you. I think that is a unversal principle meaning that it can be applied in every society and culture.

Too often it is do as I say and not as I do. Is this really the example of leadership that we want to set for our children. As a parent of 3 small children I make sure that I am setting an example by showing them how things are done. This day and age talk is cheap. When it is time to meet our maker we will be judged by our actions. It is too easy for us to say one thing and do then do another. We have to follow through and make good on our word.



The issues run to deep corruption and the Mayor

The issues run to deep corruption and the Mayor - and a powerplant all EC leaders seem to have sold their souls to profit from - and no citizens ready to step forward and help... but happy to fuck people over.

I'm dealing with the powerplant - I'm dealing with the corrupt mayor.

You need to take care of the lead poisoning in your house - get real about the world around you now.

Disrupt IT