Random Friday photos

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 07/11/2009 - 06:40.

Yesterday, I happened to be off (I work Saturdays), so I got to take it easy and enjoy the sights and sounds of Cleveland.  Here are a few images from the Ingenuity Festival, to Tregoning Gallery (featuring the wonderful Matt Dibble), and, finally, to Sokolowski's University Inn.  A great day in the city.


Bagpipes make me weepy...must be some genetic memory...these guys were warming up for Ingenuity Fest.  The event makes good use of downtown's secret passageways.  Have fun exploring...


Here comes the SUN

  After a short rain delay, INgenuity is back up--check it out today.  Here comes the sun :)  From Brooke Willis:

Hi All,

Due to the weather, the festival gates will not open until 1 PM today. 

Come downtown to Playhouse Square and enjoy all the exciting and spectacular events today and tomorrow. 

For a full schedule visit http://www.ingenuitycleveland.com

See you at the Festival!

Nice coverage of Ingenuity

Great work Laura McShane, REALNEO's real culture reporter on the streets!

They need to let you out more! Real NEO Community Libraries Liaison?!?!

Disrupt IT

Ingenuity = NEO Home Days

The best endorsement of the event came from my friends, young parents Suzanne and Mark Noble.  This is their third year in a row, attending with their daughter, who is in third grade.  Their daughter wanted to come back this year and, as Suzanne pointed out--engaging young minds proves that the programming is working. 

The 2009 Ingenuity Fest featured more local content and local talent and it worked for me.  I hope that other folks will send their reflections to Ingenuity Fest organizers, so that this becomes the Home Day event for Cleveland.  As one attendee, said to me,"This is Cleveland's Home Day event."  Home Days are usually three day events held in small communities to bring neighbors together.  I would love to see more demonstrations and performances from local high school and college students. 

Ingenuity succeeds in bringing us together to celebrate our community. The acts should reflect our community and they will only get better.  Give Ingenuity feedback HERE.