Dumbing down the Left: Republicans and Blue-dog Dems are backing Obama's discredited, bankrupt morality

Submitted by Eternity on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 15:12.

Max Eternity - In recent weeks, while those who do not believe in the teachings of Dr. King and Gandhi's nonviolent social change--Republicans and a stealth of right-wing operatives--have joined with President Obama.  Their strategy is to propogate a message that War is Peace, a theme originating from a speech the President recently gave in Oslo while en-route to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize. 

However, like Glenn Greenwald--journalist and constitutional lawyer--some are finding this situation rather ironic, the President's acceptance of the Nobel Peace Price coming in tandem with his decision to escalate the war and occupation of the Middle East, sending in 30,000 additional US military forces at a cost of one million dollars per personnel.  Because not only are Greenwald and others pointing out that Obama is making a gross mistake in continuing so many Bush policies, like the Patriot Act--that the figure for the troops in Afghanistan now is higher that the combined total of all troops the prior White House occupier, George W. Bush, ever sent to Afghanistan.

Robert Scheer of Truthdig.com has also commented on what he calls Obama's "faux populism."

Obama, who was elected as a Progressive that promoted himself to be the antedote to The Bush Doctrine, has in the last year, completely embraced that mentality and doctrine, earning him the praise and respect of Fox News hero's Karl Rove, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.  And now a litany of stealth "trolls" are roaming independent blogs, co-ops and progressive citizen journilist websites, with a religious-inspired message of hate.

This new sophisticated, CIA-inspirted method of dumbing-down stalwart supporters of social-justice, falls directly in line with a host of similar COINTELPRO-styled operations that have been a bread and butter technique of the Military Industrialist Complex since the days of World War II.

Yet inspite of this latest attempt of the extreme-Right to repackage and resell already discredited rhetoric and policies, many on the Left are not buying into this game.  Thus at the same time, those on the Left seeking to shore up the middle-class by ending the trillion dollar wars and occupations in the Middle East, instead providing jobs and domestic programs here at home, are decidedly challenging their Democrat President, Obama, for his seemingly Republican agenda.

The ACLU has recently issued a statment blasting President Obama, who holds a degree in constitutional law himself, saying that the Obama has created a "sweeping immunity doctrine for torturers."

And what of the possibility that Osama Bin Laden--said to be responsible for attacking America on September 11th 2001--is dead?

Naomi Klein, who many consider the new voice of the Left has been critical, as has been blue-collar, independent filmmaker Michael Moore and long-time PBS icon, Bill Moyers.  Other progressive voices, including Arianna Huffington, Amy Goodman, Ralph Nader, Maxine Waters, Cornel West and the new Director of Greenpeace International, Kumi Naidoo, are expressing their disapproval too.  


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