Art of the Day: S&M GIRLS by Natalie Lanese

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 06/30/2006 - 00:03.



I found out about this on Brewed Fresh Daily: last year, when I saw Natalie Lanese's work for the first time at her one-woman show at Buzz Gallery (formerly on W. 25th) -- my favorite gallery in Cleveland while it existed. I immediately loved Natalie's collages and sculptures (not all of her collages are so racy). I even bought one of her cakes (sculptures). Then, she was a young CIA grad and Buzz intern with a lot of talent and promise. This morning I was just wondering what she's doing now and by chance it happens there is an exhibition of her work opening July 6th at Bridget Ginley's new gallery, AIV. Natalie is now a grad student at Pratt. The show opens on Thursday b/c that's the only day she can appear in person. Check out her website -- it has a great look.

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