Art of the Day: Mashups by ClevelandSGS

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 05/26/2007 - 22:30.

ClevelandSGS Sign Mashup

I recently received an email from ClevelandSGS giving props to realneo, with a link to the ClevelandSGS space on Flickr. I hadn't heard of ClevelandSGS so I checked it out and was awed - it is an amazing assemblage of scanned historic documents and current photos of signage and scenes in Cleveland - a significant community asset in those respects - and a powerful gallery of "Mash-ups" not to be missed. But I still don't know what is ClevelandSGS. Do you? It is the Art of the Day, so read on


Cleveland SGS Mashup DGC vs Cuddles and Hugs.

From Wikipedia - "A video mashup is the combination of multiple sources of video—which usually have no relevance with each other—into a derivative work often lampooning its component sources, or even another text. They are one of the latest of mashups, and are gaining popularity". In the case of ClevelandSGS, the mashups are of multiple digital images, and very well executed, original and fascinating. In these cases, they function as digital tagging, putting an individual imprint on any historical contect and setting.

ClevelandSGS mashup Bitch List vs. True Faith

Be sure to browse through the ClevelandSGS mashups and other images at their Flickr site and post some feedback here - if you are interested in Cleveland, art, consciousness and the mashup of that, you will be interested by ClevelandSGS! Share your thoughts and if you know more about ClevelandSGS (feel free to stop by yourself, ClevelandSGS).

 ClevelandSGS mashup Lady K vs Ted Miclau

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A bunch of guys who have too much time on their hands at work is my guess...Maybe, I am being unfair.  SGS, do you care to respond?  There is nothing wrong with getting people to think.  What am I missing here?  Props to the guy who used to come into microfilm for old ads and cartoons...what's his name?  I will maintain your anonymity, but what's the saying?...refuge of scoundrels...give my love to KARL JOHNSON, Dr. Strangelove, Mr. Phelps, the attorney in searsucker and the wonderful retired GE electrical engineer who would come in to read the lighting magazines.  Oh, and what ever happened to Office Max and Crazy Girl 2000?  Can you get those guys to tune into this site??  We love you Karl!!!

You should write a book on characters at the library

I could see a Jim Jarmusch film or dry BBC-style comedy on the characters you name and the scene of an old Carnegie library in an old part of Cleveland.

I heard from SGS - no idea who they are but they seem nice - never know who posts on realneo... SGS could be Oengus. But I like this type of image and thought it would be fun to use the historic mashup approach for promoting the Inner Circle... e.g. old Roxy Theater or Theatrical ad format

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Banksy was here

So, no response.  The mystery deepens.  Can Cleveland's guerilla art scene compare to Banksy?  Ask Lou Muenz.

Thanks for reminding me about absence as presence

I went to an interesting lecture at CMA in April that I started writing about and then saved and never posted - the lecture was on absence in Chinese art and it was fascinating, and featured extensive presentation on the artist Zhang Dali, whose work is shown above and reminds me of the Banksy image you linked. Click through to the posting on this lecture for some other good images - I've never fully finished the write-up but sometimes absence is as powerful as presence

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imc erudite


Lou is an icon. I trucked down the RTA ROW to copy his graffiti photos.  The trick of the eye in Gaza needs severe and repeated amplification - smother harsh concrete emotions with tropical breezes…don’t we wish


Each photo anyone sees, in the press, on the TV, on Realneo is a MashUP.  The photographer takes his/her  aim from their particular vantage point - from their own bias.  Don't rely on the truth or fiction of any foto I could be entirely manufactured...or entirely unadulterated.

That's the point.  The photo is meant to convey an impression.  So when it's taken, and when it's cropped, and when it's photoshopped - that's all done to pursuade the audience to take a particular view = to make a particular impression.  Our eyes are connected to our brain.  Eye's should never work independently - unless you're on vacation! or with a new date...

In a sense...

In a sense, Jeff is right.  A photo is always somewhere in the middle of the subjective - objective spectrum.  There are infinite pictures you could take at any given moment but the photographer only takes one.  The allure of photography is figuring out
"why that one"?