Art of the Day: Wearable art by Carol Nesper

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 11:39.


In honor of my favorite TV show, Project Runway, I'm choosing some of my favorite locally made  wearable art for "art of the day". Carol Nesper has had a studio in Cleveland's Little Italy at the Murray Hill School for many years. She is a fiber artist,certified elementary teacher and teaches tie-dye work shops. Unlike many designers she does not forget that kids need cool clothes too. Most of her creations feature her own unique  style of  tie-dye. The model is wearing a one-piece outfit in blue-gray 100% cotton with a subtly goth style black, gray and off-white textured tie-dye panel in the center.

In case you missed Project Runway on Wednesday or the recap last night, local girl Angela is still in -- but just barely. I'm not sure I'm cheering for her anymore. Who does n't sketch? What a bunch of *%$#! I felt sorry that Vincent had to have her as a partner.  Malan got booted. Too bad. I liked him. He seemed very creative and nice. I would have worn his evening gown that looked like it had bark for a bodice, but probably not in the Miss Universe pageant.

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Carol Nesper kids clothes are a local arts/culture icon

If you are interested in local arts and culture and supporting NEO arts you MUST get a Carol Nesper rag for your kid. Totally original and NEO - if she had started out doing what she does over by Fisherman's Wharf in SFCA or at the Market in Seattle she'd be world-renowned (actually, she is, even just from a small storefront in Little Italy). Awesome model, being Claes Wolfgang Roulet

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Real art, real gifts

Carol Nesper, Miami University, alumni 1981-1985.  Buy local art. 

Clevelanders don't realize that we have a local fashion and design industry driven by local bright stars.  How many people know the work of Joan Yellen Horvitz?  Costume designers, stage set designers, puppeteers like Scott Radke--a whole industry that operates under the radar, but that is recognized outside of Cleveland?!