Occupy Cleveland....A Citizen's Thoughts....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 10/13/2011 - 09:48.

The original REALNEO article by Lily Miller about Occupy Cleveland is an excellent introduction to our local needs with the Occupy Cleveland activities. (I am reposting this because all the photos on the original post are consuming my computer during download...stopping thoughts from flowing...)

I was referred to visit the Occupy Cleveland.com website for more details. I did that this morning. I registered and attempted to post on that website, but was referred back to the login about 5 times....which disillusioned me from participating there any further. When I thought about; REALNEO.US has been "OCCUPYING CLEVELAND" for a few years now...In our very own way; we have broken the mold of "paying to play", of supporting corrupt practices, and we have worked tirelessly to EXPOSE the truth about local politics and how they are affecting our local ECONOMY....

First, I would like to salute every participant in OCCUPY CLEVELAND....it's so exciting to see citizens uniting to speak up about things that are adversely affecting our community at large.

Second: PARTICIPATION: While I see posts from people trying to "figure out" how to get more folks involved...Thoughts of political retaliation really hit me....I remember walking door to door during 2 different campaigns in 2009-2010... I remember the lack of interest, the disillusioned, and the disenfranchised citizens exclaiming their reasons for NOT VOTING....their excuses moreover.... And most significantly; I remember the pissed off people who had fallen prey to the target enforcement which steered out countless people from the local community....while treating them without regard because they didn't participate in corrupt practices.... So, while I respect the fervor of the people trying to get more people involved....I also know what they are faced with when approaching others...It's a very sad reality.

Just remember....you are the voices of those who remain living in fear of political retaliation...there are public employees, there are disabled, and there are struggling families who wish they could be leaving work to stand by you---but they are grasping on to their livelihoods of survival at this stage and cannot "be there with you..." Just remember; you are making a differeence for so many who remain silent...So remain steadfast at heart for the rest.

Third; RESOLUTIONS: our local government is driven by Wall Street Relationships....don't miss out on hitting the county government in the gut by protesting the fact that they have sold property tax certificates to WALL STREET BANKS LIKE CHASE......sending our community into a nightmare of foreclosures....Protest the County to stop any and all sales of their properties until these tax certificate holders pay their PAST DUE PROPERTY TAXES ON THE PROPERTIES that they own in Cuyahoga County/Cleveland to date.....which is excessive. They owe our county lots of money....and Chase is only 1 bank.

(Pay attention to these banks unloading their properties to our County Land Bank as "donations" and then our government having to recover them.....)

In Keeping it simple...I shall send salutes to you about these things.....and much more. I am one of the many who cannot be there..but will continue to pray for all that you are doing for our community at large! 



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 Free speech rocks. Keep

 Free speech rocks. Keep fighting for the little people.