REALNEO fonts and colors

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Sat, 11/22/2008 - 23:07.

I've been messing around with some ideas for a favicon for REALNEO -- the little icon that shows up next to the URL in your browser, or when you bookmark the site, etc. Don't know about anyone else, but I'd really like to see REALNEO with its own icon instead of the standard Drupal raindrop.

I haven't gotten far yet, but I do believe I've hunted down the two fonts used in the logo, (heretofore a mystery, as far as I can tell.)

An old logo I found:

realneo logo


  • "real" I believe is Futura Medium. If not, it's awfully close.
  • "neo" is definitely a font called Danube, (freely downloadable).

The colors in the image aren't quite what the text colors specified on the page are, but they're close.

On the page,

  • the light green (real) is #A7C930
  • the orange (neo) is #E07805

Norm and Jeff B, I hope this might help eliminate a bit of the logo pixelation and inconsistencies in your fantastic header images...

Update: I've recreated a larger .png version of the logo for use in header images, etc:


box_grey_logo.png128.26 KB
realneo_logo.png12.21 KB

David Moss designed this

David Moss did some design work for REALNEO in the beginning, coming up with these fonts and colors (and some very fun business cards)... he should be able to give the specs, and we should set some standards on this..

I agree we need a favicon...

Some updated member cards and media credentials, as well...

Anyone feeling creative?

I need all the same for Star Neighborhood Development, too

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I'd certainly like to have a look at -- and mess around with -- his original designs and artwork, if that's something he's willing to share.

I have a couple of the old business cards on my fridge: one from Sudhir and the other, Ed Hauser. I've had them for 3 years now, I'd guess.


I used these fonts and colors to make a favicon for REALNEO, and have replaced the Drupal raindrop with it.

Look for the little green and orange r n realneo favicon next to the location bar in your browser. This should show up in your bookmarks and tabs, too. It's a PNG file, so you may not see it if you're using Internet Explorer.

I tried a few different things, but this was the best I could do at the moment (16x16 is a difficult medium!) -- other ideas are certainly welcome and appreciated.

16x16 is a difficult medium!

Not bad.

I've talked to David Moss about revisiting our look - we'll need to get his input

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awesome. looking forward to hearing what ensues.

if you'd rather stick with the raindrop til then, just let me know.


My vision for realneo's presentation has always been to encourage development of many themes that people may select for their interface - like with other social networks, but unique to NEO. So one theme available may look like it does today, and continue to feature banners by members, and other themes may be designed by local artists and designers and feature unique creative elements, e.g. there could be a DerekHess theme featuring his design and art, in CSS to work with the layout standard for REALNEO. We worked on this some with folks at CIA buit it never went anywhere.

I still see this as one interesting creative opportunity for the community.

Another way to leverage uniqueness in the design and structure of realneo would be if people could customize their personal "blog" home pages, like myspace - we could do this with Organic Groups... but is there a practical way to implement that - anyone using Drupal with unique presences for each member? I seem to recall someDrupal sites doing this, and I think it is where we should take realneo in the near term, as possible.

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  When TV goes HDTV in February, I will miss my access to WVIZ PBS.  Last night, I caught a piece on the typeface Helvetica--a typeface designed to convey Accessibility, Accountability and Transparency--not bad for a bunch of letters?!