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The Plain Dealer announcement of Dan Gilbert’s casino proposal looked very much as a free front page, glitz-up color ad for gambling: $1.8 billion in annual revenue, 20,000 jobs and $60 million in tax income.

Who sez so? Who made up those figures?
Are we entitled to some truth?
Are we to believe that Gilbert, owner of the Cavaliers and Quicken Loans and another billionaire ($1.57, according to Forbes magazine) on the Cleveland sports dole, is acting alone? He has the sweetheart lease at the former Gund, now Quicken Arena, thanks, of course, to Tim Hagan.
He’s not a front for Forest City? Or Dick Jacobs? Or Dick’s son, Jeff?
I find it hard to believe he jumped into the casino business in Ohio all on his own.
The best short assessment I’ve read of the entire casino gangsters’ scheme to rob people was in a letter to the editor in the Plain Liar by a Middlefield citizen William Darpel:
“Here we go again. How many times do the voters of Ohio have to tell these gambling interests that we’re not interested in them setting up business here? I believe this will be the fifth time.
“These aren’t going to be like the fancy casinos in Las Vegas, with the floor shows and the big stars; they’ll just be row upon row of slots and a few tables. All they’ll probably take business from are from the local bingo halls, which actually do some good for local booster clubs and churches.
“Proponents of casinos in Ohio say that when people want to gamble, they have to go to neighboring states. So what? Nice little trip for the weekend.
“I’m not some religious nut who preaches the evil of gambling, but let’s face it: In no other business would it be even close to legal to operate as the casinos do. Would you buy a car if the chances of it running were one in 10? How about shopping? Would you buy a box of cereal or a case of beer if there was one in 10 chance that anything would be in the box or case?
The whole business stinks, and I prefer that it stink in some other state.”
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