Relief efforts begin for cyclone affected areas

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Two places I've visited - Haiti and Fiji - and two places I've lived - San Francisco and New Orleans - have been devastated by natural disasters since I was there - New Orleans, Haiti and Fiji are still digging out today.

I'm converting my slides from Fiji and Haiti to share with the community, as life looked very different when I was there than it looks there today.

Today, Fiji looks especially bad. With lots of people living on small remote islands in the area, it will be a while before we learn the extent of the harm.

What will nature bring the world tomorrow?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Fiji Red Cross has launched its initial hurricane relief efforts this morning alongside Government’s damage assessment teams that will be sent out to the areas in Vanualevu and the Lau group affected by Hurricane Tomas.

Red Cross operations manager Viliame Gauna says the priority areas for their relief teams will be Udu point , the Eastern Peninsula of Vanualevu which includes Tukavesi , Napuka, Buca Bay, Nasolo as well as Rabi and Kioa Islands.

A general aerial damage survey for both Vanualevu and the Lau Group will be carried out by the Royal New Zealand Air Force aircraft.

Gauna also confirmed that Red cross will accompany assessment teams to the Lau group which will depart by helicopter later this afternoon.

Apart from this, Red Cross will be sending over a relief team and first aiders on board the Naval boat which will depart Suva for Cikobia later today.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

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