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Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 06:55.

Councilman Cummins and Councilman Cimperman--this is an open forum and it is commendable to see that you both have participated here.  Please, as a citizen request, post the CDBG Neighborhood Development Activity Allocations for Wards 13, 14, and 15 for 2009-2010.  Each city ward receives approximately $400,000 per year with approximately 15 percent allocated towards social services.

Residents should not have to file a public records request for this information.  Thanks in advance for your help. 

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They should have their

They should have their budgets online, every CDC should be detailed online what they are doing and were every bid they take should be disclosed every program they run detailed.

Wonder why they can’t or wont? Is it because they are not able to justify what they do or is it that those that demand the justification are relentless?  both actually.

You have to have measurements, metrics if its improving then demonstrate that “proof” what improved.

If you have an agenda or better yet target goals then you become proficient at attaining, otherwise it all just looks like smoke and mirrors.

Simply improving property values, by small marginal percentages can be attained by addressing major streets and relative commerce.

If areas are larger as in district that have larger more diverse populations then stratification can be done and in relative proximity. Insuring all are met in the market, that requires creativity.

The city is low income and low or no equity, they need jobs and commerce at low levels but with a character as not to make it all overtly commercial.

Its very complex but the city prefers corporate as its easier to get the taxes, that can and should be addressed.

That’s about logistic, warehousing and distribution. Then about retailing, our good are coming in not only from foreign countries they are coming in from distribution centers out side the city and even outside the state.

That can be addressed through vendor licenses, who gets the location that is sure to turn inventory? You give it all to Home Depot, Lowes, Wall Mart, Target and BP and Shell to name a few, do you have any distribution centers? Do you have any head quarters for those giants?

Even the local groceries have left town and the labels on the canned food rarely say packaged or even distributed from a local address.

We actually had a major bank stolen from us, we sit by and wonder what just happened?

I believe that the city center needs to be managed separately, it needs to be a small center and a regional administration center. It should have the resources to pay for the technology resources needed. The rest of the county running separate budgets with large districts based on the township boundaries.

Within a district a certain area could get universal incentives to attain target values, say a median home value of $90,000.00 that attained only by people buying and instilling that value into the property. If the value is attained then the taxes remain constant. If an area is targeted then all residents get a tax deduction. Then they can market the home with that incentive and also low cost restoration loans.

A few defined blocks could be addressed that way, with half or full abatement on a time line. To meet a target goal or it expires, so those that do not act loose the option. Some areas could be set to $65,000.00 others to $150,000 values. Attention to details, like insuring each community has defined community schools and health clinics, libraries community police stations.

Commerce needs to be clustered into walking districts, define were it goes and license them to insure that they are not over built. Then industrial centers should house warehouses and distribution terminals, goods moving around to the local community.

Each district is an inventory of parcels, the needs and interactions should be more locally focused.

Other incentives could be variable taxes on income live and work distance variances, the person that walks to work gets a discount, distance variances based on miles. If you can afford the variance live and work on opposite ends of the county. No laws that says you have to live here or work here just incentives to reduce the circle.

Create green spaces, do a comprehensive review of rail both commercial and commuter. The goal is the ideal environments for distribution and movement of goods and people. Clusters with each designed as a district center or node.

The first step is combining the tax systems, one central processing center for the entire county. Registration of your place of employment and your residence. The value of the property the income you earn, if that is balanced and if it actually occurs with disposable income then commerce grows within it.

We cannot continue the cycle of abandonment, its the opposite of sustainable.

I have a hypothesis: If East

I have a hypothesis:

If East Cleveland was a district and from the lake to Cedar Road, then from 55th to Noble, and offered taxes at 1% on the property and 1% on the income to those that live and work within that district.

The total income tax revenue in that district would increase.

That district would be about 75% African American and would decrease as in ratio as the population increased.

In about ten years the shift would be to about 60/40 and average income and housing values would also increase.

Initially that area would need intergovernmental funding, to address abandoned industrial and commercial sites. It would need clustering of industry and serious incentive to get industry and commerce. It should expand park spaces and build in affordable modest homes in certain areas.

But all the effort would require metrics, they can not keep guessing and faking it. The changing of the tax rates would draw in employees then draw in commerce, it all requires strong community policing and strong community services.

Every district that would be formed as a township has great potential, each has the ability to generate capital the incentive simply needs to be within a district to live and work and shop within it.

Even sales taxes should be tracked with a district, then allocated back to that district. Its not about everyone living in the city its about living and working within a smaller circle. The larger districts shares resources and services but not to such a small geographic area as to be limited, in any level of diversity.

Oengus, In order for there


In order for there to be housing that costs $90,000 and above there has to be jobs that pay enough to support that cost.  That is the problem here in the inner city, too many poor people.  The majority of people that had good incomes have moved out of the city into the burbs. 

I don't think residence and industry should mix.  Have a city center that is geared for business and takes care of and pays for the needs of business, and have neighborhoods outside of the city central that take care of and pay for the needs of residents.  Separate it.  For example the areas here on the westside of Cleveland, such as Ohio City, Tremont, Clark-Metro, Brooklyn Center, possibly the Stockyards could be one residential area that shares services.  I am not a city planner but I am thinking that when the needs of businesses and the needs of residents are combined under one leadership the needs of the residents take a backseat to the needs of businesses.   Residential areas need to be separate from business areas, in my opinion. 

And housing costs need to be affordable to the lowest wage earner since everyone needs shelter, it is one of our basic needs.  Housing and food are essential needs. 

The districts if based on

The districts if based on township are very large and then zoning isolates industry from residential but they are still in the tax base.  

The areas you name are all in the Brooklyn Township. 

I would say enlarge the inner circle townships and make the city center one small center for the region. 


Brooklyn would be from the lake to Brookpark Road, from W117th to the river.   That would be a district and have economic diversity.

All the other districts would be simple logical combinations for geographically connected areas all having economic diversity. 

Sounds like a good plan to

Sounds like a good plan to me. 

That twenty districts


That’s twenty districts, each with its own budget operating as part of a regional system with centralized administration….the central processing.

Initially all municipalities remain and metric would have to be derived to prove the advantages of consolidation. They can be combined theoretically before in realty; if the number prove an advantage.

Totals for district are demonstrative, they demonstrate the wealth and vitality of an area certain factors (jobs) are causal and a function of the results. But wealth builds wealth, however it has to be regulated to prevent greed and disregard. Not having; the businesses not only as a result from foreign trade but from mergers and acquisitions that take it away; very detrimental. Still we have the retail but no manufacturing, warehousing or distributions.

The supply line has many levels, the region does little to manage and attract and retain. Much of what is left is not for any other reason than it cannot be moved, the steel mill, Alcoa and it largest press in the free world, even GE has snuck out the back door.

Without real numbers real time the challenge is insurmountable, people need to see what it all costs and how it all is done, thats the education that missing. Not the three R’s which by the way only is one R the other is a W and an A.  Teach people a more intellgent system, how it work and what your place is within it. 

Define how it works make it work and then study that and you then may be able to master the game of Life.

Everybody is gamming things these days, we have to open all the books but guess what they do not even really exist, not in a usable format…except for gaming.

The Waiting Game

No the original request.  I have to file a public records request for this information?


Your demanding that they

Your demanding that they provide you with some rope so you can hang them.


Council reps AWOL

You're right.  I won't hold my breath.  I will fax my records request tomorrow. 

Not unrelated--I walked down West 11th St. in Tremont and if my memory serves me looks like, yet another Civil War era structure has been obliterated/demolished/disappeared...lots more parking for the Greek Church next to the new Loop coffee/record store.  Has anyone seen the plans???  What is West 11th St. Properties anyway??


Maybe a phone call to the

Maybe a phone call to the councilman is needed to alert them to your request. 

I also think the information needs to be made public.  The councilmen are our representatives and we need to know what decisions they are making on our behalf. 


I have asked/called

Thanks Ward 14...I haven't called Joe Cimperman...but I have called Brian Cummins twice, so far.  Please also call 216-459-8400.  We deserve to know how our money is being spent.  We shouldn't have to beg for information. 

lmcshane, I will call him. 

lmcshane, I will call him.  Sometimes the power of 'nag' can be very effective.  I use it with my family quite frequently, maybe it will work on politicians too. 

I was reading some of his posts here on Real neo and one of his posts strongly suggest that he favors those citizens that form groups and have meetings and make a lot of noise to get what they want.  I actually went to a neighborhood meeting yesterday, and we are going to work to get more residents involved in our community.  There were about 15 people present.  Time to get the flyers out and invite more people to attend.  Someone named Adam from the Stockyard Association was there passing out information about community services.  I am not sure if combining Clark-Metro with the Stockyards is the best way to go but I guess it depends on what the goals are for the community group. 

We elect a councilman to represent the entire constituency, not just those that attend meetings and demand action.  Or do we?  It seems the ones that attend meetings are the people that get results.  My suggestion; if you vote than get out there and attend the meetings so your voice will be heard and your vote will count. 


 I am impressed that you not only went to a meeting but are getting other people to come to the next one. Adam is a great guy, and a good organizer. I hope that he is able to keep his job as Cummins does not plan to combine Stockyards and CMDC but if you make your collective voices loud, that could change. 

Thanks dwebb.  It will be

Thanks dwebb.  It will be interesting to see how many residents of Ward 14 will become active in the community. 

I know some people are against combining Stockyards and Clark-Metro, I heard this through conversations with my son.  I am not sure what the objection is.  Adam came to the meeting with handouts and he gave a nice presentation to the group.  If it was up to me I would want him to keep his job.  We actually need someone like him to work for us. If anyone knows why Stockyards and Clark-Metro should not merge please tell us.  (I sound like a minister who is about to unite two people in matrimony, lol)

ward 14


We here at Clark Metro Development Corp. are looking to get residents in the area more involved. Block clubs are a very much needed resource, and we are in the process of putting that together. If anyone is interested in helping please call 216-938-8942 and ask for Adam Umek. We also are getting ready to put together a community meeting. We need to get more involved with what is going on. We need to hear more from the residents so that we can get problems resolved. This meeting should be scheduled very soon so that we can take it all to the councilman at once. The more voices the better. Adam Umek Office Manager CMDC.

  We here at Clark-Metro


We here at Clark-Metro are going to make a difference here in Ward 14. As of right now the demolition and reconstruction of what was once the Paris Theater is underway. It has been a huge eyesore for this community for a long time. It will now be the new home of a new laundry mat and 2 open office spaces. The new parking lot and building will be well lit and patrolled. After being shunned by the last councilman we are pleased that the new councilman will take notice of us. I have reached out to TWDC to help them with some of the complaints about street light outages. But they have yet to provide the list. Clark-Metro is here for the community and has no plans of going anywhere. We are having a large turnout for our Toys-4-Tots with over 350 children signed up.And so many more still calling We are also partnered up with the Sullivan Learning Center and Tri-C to help both high school and collage students. During the summer we ran a summer youth program with the YOU,TRI-C, and Esporonza. We had 90 children, between 14-18 working threw out the community to earn there summer money. While learning responsibility and interview techniques. If anyone needs assistance with lights out or houses boarded up feel free to contact me. If you have concerns for the Clark Metro Development area, please feel free to call me anytime. Adam Umek 1-216-624-3811

Hello Adam.  Were you at

Hello Adam.  Were you at the meeting that was held at the Library on Fulton Rd. on Saturday?  Or was that a separate meeting?   I am glad to learn the Clark-Metro is alive and well.  Where are you located? How does a person join?  What do you think about the idea of combining Stockyards with Clark-Metro? 

Good work on the Toys for Tots...and the other community work you have done.  It is all needed. 

What area does Clark-Metro serve? What are the boundaries?


I attend meetings, but I also work and, like the majority of constituents, in Ward 14/15, I have family obligations that prevent me from attending every long-winded meeting.  To use meeting attendance and group organization as a rationale for who gets service is demeaning and unfair.  Please make noise for me at the meetings. 

But, this forum is meant to help people have a voice.  Brian Cummins can hear me--loud and clear--here.

lmcshane, I agree, but that

lmcshane, I agree, but that is not the way it is.  Go back and read through some of Cummins previous posts.  He seems to cater to block clubs and those that make the noise.  Maybe he can be coaxed to listen to the people that post on this forum.  I hope so, as too many residents are time deprived these days and therefore do not attend meetings. 

Is there a website where everyone from a ward can read what is being discussed and planned for the area and give their input?  Like a Ward 14 website for those that live in Ward 14?  Could such a site be linked to this site so those who live in other areas could offer input?  Since we are going towards regionalism it would be good to know what the other areas are planning as well as our own.



I wouldn't be suprised if

I wouldn't be suprised if there isn't some type of development going to be taking over that area.  They tearing down everything and not doing anything with the properties.  I do believe it all ties in with the now bridge, exit ramp, and  Wellness center on West 14th Street for Grace Hospital. 

That is why TWDC was is such a dang rush to pass those new By-laws - they wanted to change the entire organization in one meeting -and bamboozle the residents into going along.  Well, today I went over the records of the Old South Side Community Coalition and determined that in the five month trial run from June to November, we have 60 plus members with active voting privileges,  we've had more than 100 attendees that only came once from this area, this does not include the numerous guest, the members with non-voting privileges, nor the 10 founding members. 

We do have a benefactor standing by that has offered to help provide funding for filing fees should and if we decide to take it to the next level and either form an LLC or become a 501 C(3) non-profit status organization. 

This decison will be made prior to the TWDC annual meeting in January. 

going non profit & 501(c)3

 I hope that you go ahead with this as the OSS is a separate entity and if granted non-profit status from the state and 501(c)3 from IRS, OSS would be eligible to accept grants and act as a fiscal agent for block clubs, providing a wider choice of opportunity for the area especially when the CDC is already over whlemed with projects and will face funding cuts as will all other CDC's .

We could also find someone

We could also find someone else to act as a fiscal agent without filing as a 501 C (3).  That is why we're looking at possible choices - it would take some of the responsibility off of us as far as IRS filings, etc.   

Before January - We will know what we will be- that is for sure. 

real value and real worth

There could be one big district with one budget and all the funds tracked within it.  

By zip codes and census tracks, right down to parcels of land.

Census tracks as summaries thats a query, its all relational data.

Per person, per household, assigned costs of the costs of repairs and services to geographic areas.

Did anyone read the report, the 300 page report? It covers that, it clearly says proof of initiatives that work, proof is and requires values and numbers that can be measured. To derive the numbers you need the numbers in a usable format. That’s relational data, its tables that hold the values in them and have sorting fields. Sort and total then divide by the count, that’s a call for an average, its called a query. Whats the average value of a CDC area? There is no real data its a calculated guess, average tax revenue would be a guess….there is no linked relational data. It all exists just not shared or connected, some is public some is private but it all revolves around parcel numbers the were and the social security numbers the who which is also a businesses tax ID. The what is always a best guess, cannot be proven but sure as hell can be controlled and manipulated. They want to fund it and because somebody in some Washington think tank sold them some crappie data that tells them to do it. Its a best guess, the proof era is upon us buck up.

We want to see it and then we can see what works and what does not, and people can stop hitting each other over the head.

The federal and state are intergovernmental they are also need based or sometimes population based, simply allocated. We are looking bad to get more, but not getting private investment as a result, has to do with confidence. What does the poorest city attract, analyst and charity? If you can show the values and control then you get more productive interests.

The key is the market meeting the incomes in propensity, higher values are irrelevant its what you have left over after you meet your obligations. If you do it best for less, that what is called the universal order winner.

It all begins with a central data center, that offers universal functionality for the tracking of the relative functions of government. By the region, by district, by zip codes, by parcels. That’s about aligning data into a useable displayable form.

It all sits in tables, the processes maintains it, its called real-time activity driven information.

The report says the city spends at $2,500.00 per capita annually, that $250 more than the city of Columbus spends; so how are we poorest in that metric?

It does not matter how its leveraged it can be done creatively, or how it is utilized either, what matters is that it is all in a clear format that can track changes in values and make adjustments. An upward slopping line is positive but its not all about that, its about sustainability and that’s about efficiency. Its about people making it happen at every household at a level that they can sustain, its about insuring they have something in cash remaining to spend. Its not about robbing Peter to pay Paul, its about real value and real worth.

CDBG Request


Thank you for your inquiry.  I would be happy to provide the information requested but I am just seeing your post this morning.  I have posted my personal email and cell phone several times on this blog for readers and users. If you have a request, please also send to my email (joecimperman [at] gmail [dot] com) and copy ward13cleveland [at] gmail [dot] com.  I will get you the CDBG $ request within 24 hours. 

Thank you,
Joe Cimperman

requesting information

 It is unrealistic to post request for information on realneo and expect public officials (or candidates) to respond. A phone call to them or an e-mail directly to them is the way to go. If they then don't respond to the direct attempts at communication, as in the case of Cummins, then posting that with a request for others to call, is constructive. 

Since we are in an

Since we are in an electronic age and public officials can communicate electronically why not expect them to respond to electronically originated requests?  Especially councilman since they are our representatives.  If they want to represent the people they really need to find a way to listen to the needs of the people and this is one way to facilitate that effort.  Use the tools available to reach out to the people that they represent.  Or they can stay in their own comfort zone and ignore a good portion of their constituents.  The choice is theirs. 

Sometimes looking the other way when questions are asked is intentional because then they don't have to deal with it.  This is unacceptable. 

Ward 13 NDA - Year 35


I provided below a summary of NDA (Year 35) allocations and pending requests for Ward 13. I require all NDA requests to be sent with a formal letter including project summary and amount requested. Upon initial approval the organization will complete a formal proposal submitted to Community Development. I rely on the Community Development and Law Departments to review proposal for HUD compliance.
The figures with date listed were approved by my office and reviewed by Law and Community Development departments. These funds were made available to the organization on the date listed. You will notice these are the same figures from the PDF you linked in your original post. I received the same documentation from CD to track available the balance.
I also included pending and in progress requests that have been submitted.   Requests noted "in progress" have submitted a formal proposal and been approved but await final paperwork processing. Until Law and CD finalize contracts and compliance they will not be reflected on the report from Community Development.  Requests noted "pending" have been submitted to my office but have not been approved until further review.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 216-215-6765 or joecimperman [at] gmail [dot] com.
Joe Cimperman
$400,000 – Year 35
REQUESTS / ALLOCATIONS (as of 11/16/09)
Ohio City Near West
St. Clair / Superior
Approved, in progress
Tremont West
Flats Oxbow
Downtown Cleveland Alliance
Approved, in progress
Historic Warehouse District
Approved, in progress
Historic Gateway District
Approved, in progress
Cleveland Restoration Society
Approval pending, $ 5,000 request
Cleveland Scholarships
Approved, in progress
Cleveland Tenants Organization
Approval pending, $5,000 request
Cleveland, Public Theatre (STEP)
Emanuel Promise of Hope
Approval pending, $3,000 request
Approval pending, $2,500 request
Hispanic Business Association
Approval pending, $5,000 request
International Services Center
RSVP of Greater Cleveland
St. Paul's Outreach
Approved, in progress
Walk and Roll
LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland
Approved, in progress
UDAG Swap (Ward 13 Service Liaison)
Approved, in progress
May Dugan
Approved, in progress
10,000 MicroIdeas
Approval pending, $1,000 request
                                               Year 35 CDBG, processed          $248,000 
                           Year 35 CDBG, in progress         $142,345
                           Year 35 CDBG, pending               $ 21,500      


We owe it to the people of this community to show results

"The fact that's there's an ability to collect without things happening is a concern," Cimperman said. "We owe it to the people of this community to show results. You can't keep saying, 'Trust us, trust us.'"

This quote is from an article on the medcon boondoggle. I agree that folks tire of hearing, trust us, trust us. But I am and less worried about the big stuff and the results on those issues - I think some of them may just peter out on their own. I think that transparency could really begin to work right in each neighborhood of the city - block clubs, council reps who are willing to share the intricacies of the tangle of bureaucracy with their ward constituents on everything from this gaping pothole, that street light all the way to ODOT's ridiculous plans, the medmart and the port move. It's all tax dollars at work.

What if residents of Cleveland and Cleveland's suburbs met with their elected officials and said, we want safe clean streets and strong schools for the children in our core city? Would those elected officials be able to explain how a medical mart or a port move or two highway bridges and more highway building are crucial to the safety and education of city and county residents?

Your tax dollars at work: do you have a say? Or is it just "trust us, trust us"? You pay tax, but this and that big business don't. How does that tax holiday benefit a homeowner in the city and county? We think of our taxes often as the money provided to fix our streets, keep them safe from crime and calamity. Taxes - sort of like insurance. But with the big projects and the small ones, someone is making those decisions for us. Do we know or care as these proposals are being decided? 50 years of coal fired power, 200 acres of new land in the inner harbor (oops the guy we hired to hawk that plan had to leave and we don't get to know why), we NEED a medical mart (and you have to pay for it because the hospitals don't really want to), we need more runway (Abram's Creek be damned), we must have two innerbelt bridges (and lose 43 historic buildings in the process). These things come down like edicts.

And the list you posted above - small potatoes in relation to the big bucks projects - also have no details. Tremont West $142,500. Yeees, and what was that money allocated for - what did it do?

The county decided several years ago to purchase the Ameritrust building. Did we know that then, or did we find out when they announced that they intended to tear it down? A billion for a medical mart, now slated for the lakefront (sort of) and a port move that has rearranged the city's lakefront plan, while neighborhoods are dark with foreclosure and criminals roam the streets breathing the same dirty air that their victims consume. What's important here in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County? Is it a clean safe block or a playground for the well-to-do?

Like I asked when the Breuer boondoggle was going down, when you can't pay your mortgage on your primary residence, is it time to be building that dream home in Hilton Head? How does that dream home's building leverage a mortgage payment on the primary residence?

If the county's billion dollars for the medical mart was instead allocated to make the donut of poverty that surrounds downtown law offices and University Circle cultural institutions safer and cleaner - to improve the schools in the city, what might we gain as a region? What if a billion for a container port was similarly allocated?

I know this is a long way around to get to my point, but the point is that we no longer trust you, no matter how representative Tim Hagan's democracy is. We have a right to know about $333,000 a month to MMPI and $300,000 to Adam Wasserman and we have a right to know about CDBG money and HUD money and all the other things our taxes fund.

As they say, "the devil's in the details". Look at medcon and the port's shenanigans, Frank's house (Giglio and Russo), Abram's Creek/Doan Brook, 50 years of coal, appreciative inquiry on sustainability (with no strategic doing to follow) for 2019 (can we wait?), lead poisoning gone wild, foreclosures and abandonment out the wazoo, a serial rapist/killer whose roommate is the mayor's niece. Look at all that and tell me we should just trust an elected official.

The devil's in the details and the public has a right to know those details. Dedicated citizens like Laura McShane shouldn't have to beg. All this stuff can be posted on the city's website - open and transparent, navigable, readable. There are a host of smart people in the city who can help with this sort of initiative. Spend some of our tax money on that - open source government.

Joe, I'm smoking and drinking as much as I can to fund Gateway, Brown's stadium and the arts. I can't do more. I'm paying my property tax and income tax while others get a walk on these "fees". But what is the benefit of these nonpaying behemoths? How does Gateway leverage a safer block in Tremont, Buckeye, Ohio City or Mount Pleasant? How does 50 years of coal-fired power reduce healthcare costs? Why should a blue collar worker in Old Brooklyn pay for water and sewer infrastructure for Flats Eastbank? I guess I just don't understand. Silly me.

But, Joe, I have to thank you and Brian for stepping in here at realneo to begin the conversation. It is an education that can benefit us all. Let's continue with more details so that good citizen taxpayers like Laura, Jerleen, Henry, Debbie, Debra, Roldo, Jeff, Norm, those posting with pseudonyms and more can help the "elected" figure out a reasonable solution to what plagues us. Cause in Cleveland (and I mean the region), plagues 'r us.

Councilman CimpermanIn

Councilman Cimperman

In regard to the monies allocated to Tremont West, how much of that money is "restricted"  and restricted for what? 

That seems to be the  standing reply you get for everyting when you go there and ask about funds for anything.  "Can't do anything, Funds are restricted." 

That’s not very much


Relational data allows all the information to be sorted into one set, its not the process it's the underling system that seem unapproachable and in that; questions rise as to its legitimacy or integrity. Each item has underling details that can be or should be detailed. If nobody knows the details except the insiders; what is really being done it all becomes suspect.

There are legitimate reasons to see that; the network is being gammed, closed groups of insiders having meetings at the Blue Point? I realize that mastermind need to be in charge; but many are suspect, we are not seeing improvements. Considering the dollar amounts flying through the system.

That’s not very much is it $142,000.00 for Tremont and $79,000.00 for Ohio City.

Is that funding only to be used to seed projects. It’s not legal for the City to use CBDG funds for general expenses like paying salaries, is it permissible for the recipients as in the CDC’s.

What metrics does the city use to justify the funding and continue it, are there any tangible evidence that standards of living are improving through their efforts?

Comparatively speaking, the division of engineering has spent much more money within the ward.


Thank you Councilman Cimperman

Thank you Councilman Cimperman--your timely and candid response is greatly appreciated.  

For clarification--I attended the 11/10 2009 meeting at Lutheran Medical Center, which as I found out, was not to discuss the allocations June 2009-July 2010, but to determine the needs for Yr 36 which runs June 2010-July 2011.

I really appreciate that you have made this information available.  It will also help to see how the adjoining wards allocate their funds as well. 

My personal concern pertaining to the allocation of these funds is the disproportionate amount of money allocated to CDCs for monies that could and should be invested in infrastructure improvements to neighborhoods.  Mainly, sewer maintenance and street resurfacing. 

As a resident, I would also like to know more about the Neighborhood Stabilization/Stimulus funds NSP1 and NSP2 monies.  (Are these allocated by ward, too? ) But, for now, I am grateful and satisfied with the information you have provided today (sans hassle).


Laura McShane


Does Dennis Kucinich monitor the site?


What are the big creek improvements, according to the city engineers they spent $7.7Million on improvements to Big Creek? The work completed last month? From I-77 to Brookpark Road.

Laura your on the friends of Big Creek aren’t you? Can they see the work done are they keeping track?

Are they going to make me follow that creek with my dirt bike? Does that mean that the section between W117th and Bellaire no longer smells like poop? Where and what was $7 .7 million spent on?

I will be candid there are still two scrap yards in the big creek water shed….get a clue people those things can be anywhere, in fact set them next to rail yard that connects to a mini mill.

Is the city paying the NEORSD to work on culverts?

That money needs to be leveraged, the valley is an asset and stop placating it with minor plans, I’m sorry to say.

Did or was there any request for public input, hell if they have $7.7 million ask for a plan and set that out there, you could pay $5K for the best one and planners would come out of the woodwork.

That’s what gets me those exchanges go on relatively behind the scenes, they could be sitting under a bridge sipping coffee billing time and material!

Is it the PD that does not want it all out there in a clear report? Is it that they have nothing to read into or nothing they can manipulate, they are a player in the game.

Does the city have a mini mill?

This stuff is killing me, the county has rail it has a definable number of points of entry at its borders. Those are all coming in and some are just passing through. It all needs to be studied and mapped and then bring in a logistics rail service provider and sit down with everybody we want less tracks, we want to maintain capital flows and reduce and consolidate. We are looking to create green parkway, with trails. But we also want to create commercial and commuter hubs we want one logistical system with multiple users.

Ideally we would like the national park to branch up into the county, from decommissioned rail lines. We would like rail to have direct pass though perhaps centerline on interstates and branching networked lines feeding defined industrial zones that are for manufacturing, warehousing and distributing.

If you take the above district model and then use the same approach it become more manageable.

Leveraging capital better; its about reducing the inherent costs, creating walking clusters around districted retail centers, that eliminates road maintenance. High density moderately priced with rail services. Then having low cost centers reduces the inherent costs of salaries of public workers.

This is regionalism it is not an imaginary alternative at this junction we have the potential, the districts can be aligned to the historic township boundaries, the districts of issues 6 are not unchangeable. Municipalities are all interconnected to the county; through that to the state; then also through the federal government. Track the revenue the intergovernmental funds leverage it and make it grow alter and change it to meet our needs.

Lower tax rates will grow the economy, lower taxes on lower pay at all levels. Flood the market with low cost housing that is highly efficient reduce and defer costs. Its all about an acceptable standard and something left over. To leverage up or to save or to build equity. Build the supply line locally with low cost highest quality, find ways to get the best for less, that through volume purchasing and through contracts.

Its about a living wage and the insurmountable task of the federal government in a republic with individual states that have municipalities with home rule. That’s a chain; good god we are gamming it…stop that; if you game it then it must be for the "good of all" its not about polarization and logical manipulations its about quantitative initiatives and proof.

Read the 300 pages in report it calls for “proof” !

West Creek

Oengus--I don't have time right now to digest your comments, but I served on the board and volunteered with West Creek Preservation Committee, not Friends of Big Creek.   

wondering if you new?

From the cities web site, they have a list of engineering projects.

One is for improvement to Big Creek for $7.7 Million; it defines that as for improvements from I-77 to Brookpark Road.


If there are matching funding its getting into the multi-millions, the following is from the site:

“CRCPO’s Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan (RAP), with local funding matches from the watershed communities, were awarded an Ohio Coastal Management Assistance Grant for a Big Creek Balanced Growth Watershed Management Plan.”

My question is; from Brookpark to the river how has it been improved?   To the tune of what must be over $14 Million dollars?  

Ward 14 - 4 years of allocations

Resident Advocacy Group - Tremont

This is what Santiago proposed. Actual funding might have been slightly different.
WARD 14 Santiago Years
Project/Program Allocations during CDBG
Year 32 (June 2006 through May 2007)
Prior Year’s Balance brough forward ZERO
AMOUNTALLOCATED June 2006 $400,000.00
Western Reserve Fire Museum and Ed. Ctr. $3,500.00
Cuyahoga Land Trust $15,000.00
Stockyard Redevelopment Holiday Food Program $5,000.00
Ward 16 NDA Fund Transfer $10,000.00
Tremont West Development Corporation $135,000.00
Merrick House Senior Program $5,000.00
Cleveland Tenants Association $5,000.00
Julia de Burgos Youth Program $10,000.00
Ohio City Near West Development Corporation 20,000.00
Flats Oxbow Development Corporation $30,000.00
Cleveland Restoration Society-Rehab Program $20,000.00
Stockyard Redevelopment Corporation $92,000.00
City of Cleveland Aids Outreach Program $3,100.00
Total Allocated $353,600.00
CDBG Year 33 Balance/Allocation/Commitments
(June 2007 through May 2008):
Prior Year’s Balance brought forward $197,758.00
(includes funds that were not allocated due to organizations not meeting standards)
CDBG Allocation Year 33 (Allocated June 2007) $400,000.00
Total Starting Balance (June 2007) $597,758.00
Cleveland Restoration Society-Rehab Program $20,000.00
Ohio City Near West Development Corporation $20,000.00
Flats Oxbow Development Corporation $30,000.00
Merrick House Senior Program $5,000.00
Tremont West Development Corporation $75,000.00
Stockyard Redevelopment Corporation $92,000.00
Hispanic Business Association $20,000.00
Cleveland Tenants Association $5,000.00
CNDC Code Training $1,500.00
Spanish American Committee Foreclosure Prevention Program $35,000.00
Esperanza Youth Program $35,000.00
St. Rocco’s Equipment for Youth Meals Program $10,000.00
Valentine Avenue/MetroHealth Community Improvement $50,000.00
Julia de Burgos Youth Program $35,000.00
Stockyard Redevelopment Holiday Food Program $5,000.00
Community Housing Solutions $5,000.00
City Aids Outreach $1,000.00
Total Allocated $444,500.00
Balance (Earmarked for future projects in Ward 14) $153,258.00
Estimated Allocation Year 34 (June 2008-2009)
(This is a DRAFT for Presentation and discussion June 6, 2008 with the Commissioner)
1. Cleveland Tenants Association
2. Cleveland Restoration Society
3. Tremont West Development
4. Stockyard Redevelopment
5. Ohio City Near West Development
6. Flats Oxbow Development Corporation
7.*Merrick House Senior Program
8.*Merrick House Pilot Transportation Program (youth)
9. Hispanic Business Association
10.*Spanish American Committee Foreclosure Prevention
11.* Esperanza Summer Youth Program
12.*Julia De Burgos Youth Program
13.*Holiday Food Program (Gift Cards)
14. Botanical Gardens (community Garden West 25th & Erin)
YEAR 34 (June 2008/2009)
Amount Brought Forward Year 33 (2007)
CDBG Allocations for Year 34 (Allocated June 2008)
Total Starting Balance
Amount Brought Forward Year 33 (June 2007-2008)
Total Estimated Allocations Year 34 (June 2008/09)
Earmarked for Future Projects Year 34
* = Social Service Allocation

Year 35 Allocation ((From June 2009--June 2010))
Cleveland Tenants Association $8,000
Tremont West Development Corporation $120,000
Stockyard Redevelopment Organization $92,000 - $31,000
(funded $61,000)
Ohio City Near West Development Corporation $55,000
Flats Oxbow Association $40,000
Hispanic Business Association $20,000
Restoration Society $20,000
Total Estimated Allocation Year 35 (June 2009/2010) -$384,000
Balance as of August 3, 2009 $556,619
Estimated Year 35 Allocation -$384,000
Balance for Year 35 $172,619
2009 Walk & Roll -$500
Street Resurfacing -$106.000
Available Balance for Year 35 $66,119

Street resurfacing

Has Santiago committed funds to address the street repairs enumerated by your Resident Action Group? 

BTW, great organizational use of the Internet and great way to get the conventional media to notice your efforts.

street resurfacing



Regarding street repair and Santiago the short answer is no.

Santiago has not communicated any offer of assistance to me to do anything regarding any of our problems. At this point I believe he is out of the picture. I no longer bother to contact him.

We are working with Brian Cummins and Joe Cimperman. They are both interested and helpful. One request has been completed and more are in the works. The website and the campaign have been surprisingly effective. Presenting documentation of conditions and very clear requests so far is getting results.

RAG, source?

RAG, thank you for posting this information. What is the source of the information, i.e. which public record? 

Ward 14 CDBG allocations information source

Ward 14 CDBG allocations information source.

The City sent me copies of the Santiago Ward 14 newsletters in response to my request. All of this was previously published. They did not offer any other source.



That was a lot of work

 That was a lot of work for you to do, going through those newsletters to find the info then compiling the details as neatly and coherently as you did.

Thank you for doing that.

Brian Cummins

Councilman Cummins responded and will post his NDA allocations later this week after committee meetings.  This is not easy information to retrieve as some would allude. 

If it is easy information to find, then, by all means--post away and show constituents how their money is spent throughout the City of Cleveland.  Henry Gomez of the Cleveland Plain Dealer had to file a public records request through the City of Cleveland Law Department.  I was also told to file a public records request when I asked for information at the Community Development meeting held at Lutheran Medical Center.  By all means, make information easy to find, not hard to find.

I noticed that there was no

I noticed that there was no money allocated to the Clark-Metro area.  Does that area not exist?  Or is it included in one of the other areas that are listed? 

It seems that there really has to be a block club or some sort of 'organization' in place for an area to get any of the money that is allocated to the neighborhoods.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease mentality?  Or rats in a cage that are fighting over the scarce resouces in a poor area of the city? 

Does it seem odd to anyone that a whole area was not even mentioned?  Or am I missing something? 

Money in Ward 14

Ward 14 Resident, there was money allocated for our area:

Cleveland Restoration - to support a 2-3% rehab loan program; Spanish American Committee and Hispanic Business Roundtable - mostly servicing Clark Fulton although I don't have a clue about what they do; Esperanza on W 25th and Clark which is a pretty good program for kids; St. Rocco's on Fulton; Julia de Burgos Youth Program, Botanical Gardens for Community garden on W. 25.  Cleveland Tenants Assoc services our area.  Merrick House does as well. 

The money for SRO and TWD supposedly goes to support (or went since Al Bratznetz fired Matt, and Zach) Ward 14 area under their jurisdiction, plus Robert Rogers, code enforcement for 14. 

Santiago may drain the coffers just like Cintron did so no money would be available until refunding in June 2010 and then, surely to be reduced from previous years. 


Don't forget that Santiago

Don't forget that Santiago was instrumental in passing Clark Metro's contract over to Tremont West and for getting their piece of the pie  TWDC is supposed to be providing services for the West 25th st. Clark Metro area-  key phrase here is "suppose to be."  Now, I believe that that contract is good and binding until June 30, of 2010, what Cummings will do or who he will hand the contract to is anybody's guess?  Detroit Shoreway could end up with the Ward 14 cash - either way, residents in the West 25th Street - Clark Metro area are SOL.  At least Rick Nagin had the idea of wanting to keep Clark Metro alive and keeping the money in it's appropriated community - now it's just a wait and see program and hope that the residents in that area don't end up being forsaken.

What are the boundaries for

What are the boundaries for the Clark-Metro area? Does the entire Ward 14 area get services or only certain areas?  Is the money allocated equitably to all ethnic groups in the area? 


Rick Nagin's call for block clubs

  Thank you Rick for the robo call on block clubs today.  I haven't had a chance to respond, but it is more of an effort than Councilman Cummins has made to solicit public opinion and to organize our residents.  I will do what I can to help make our voices be heard.  Thank you for not giving up on us.

Where's the money?

  Okay--still waiting on the NDA allotments for Ward 15.  The funds have been committed and these monies are decided by the ward council person.  As much as Santiago has been villified, he at least did put out timely ward information and did not hem and haw over publishing his neighborhood development activity funds....