Rich People Are the Safety Net for Poor People

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 04/13/2011 - 19:02.


I learn something every day! Today, listening to different federal congressonal people and Senator Jim DeMint especially, I learned that rich people are the safety net for poor people. 
Here’s how the US economic safety net works:
If rich people don’t have enough money, there are too few jobs for poor people.  That's the problem in the USA right now.  Not enough rich people are rich enough so there aren't enough jobs and unemployed poor people are getting even poorer.    Poor people are getting so poor that they are real poor, broke, indigent, without health care, without homes, you see them at intersections with cardboard signs asking for money. Uhhhgg!
The solution is clear.
The rich people don’t have enough money. 
So, Solution is, get more money to the rich people.   As quick as possible or the nation will go broke. 
The way to get more money to rich people quick is to cut the federal tax rate on rich people. 
With lower federal taxes, rich people get richer.  Quick!
Every rich person who gets richer knows the drill.    The job drill. 
As the rich get richer they automatically spawn jobs.  They can’t help it.   The jobs are spawned because what the rich do with their increased richness is expand the businesses that made them rich.   If the rich are rich because they never had a business but inherited the richness, well, then they create a brand new business.  They know the drill.  That’s what rich people have to do.
The rich don’t know what else to do with their extra richness.  
They don’t know about off shore banks, and they don’t buy houses in Loire with tennis courts.   The only thing the rich know about is hiring the poor.  Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.
Now as the poor are hired by the rich, the poor get richer. The poor begin to pay their bills and begin to become rich. As the poor get rich the poor create businesses which hire lots of other poor people.   Then there aren’t any more poor people.   Too many jobs!
So the rich people who put all their money into the chicken processing plant in Southern Ohio have to go to immigration and get a special permit to import
Guatemalans to chop their chickens.    They have to hire cheap labor because the rich need to create jobs at any cost.  Note: The rich do not use computer controlled robots in the chicken house.
But the Guatemalan’s work for so little eagerly that the rich chicken chop shop owners get even richer. As they get richer they have to start another business because they know the drill.   Jobs. They have to create jobs to give back.  The rich know the drill.
Since they can’t get any more Guatemalans into the country because of INS rules, the rich have to go offshore. The rich don’t really want to go off shore to create jobs, but they have too go.   Jobs. They can’t stop. They can’t help it. 
So the rich go to China.   Lots of poor people in China. Lots of people to provide a safety net for.  
The rich go to China.   To create jobs in China. The rich are the Chinese safety net too.
That’s what jobs are. 
Jobs are the generosity of the rich. 
Jobs are how the rich give back to everyone.  
Thank God for the rich.   I hope they all get richer. Then I’ll be rich too. 
Thank God.  I need a job.


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and the rich get richer

and us poor folk can be happy just to have a job?    lower taxes for the rich so we can all go chop chickens!

Bawk, bawk, bawk....cluck, cluck, cluck...., duck goose! Your it!...(RUN!!!!!!!!!!!! for China for a job now!) 

According to a Plain Dealer article last year....the best way to recover from a recession is to allow "SMALL BUSINESS" startups to prosper as it's a proven statistic that SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH rebuilds our economy.

Yet, our local government is NOT BUSINESS FRIENDLY as businessmen can tell you who are not "BUDDIES WITH BUDDIES WHO WORK FOR THE REGIME!" 

(The City of Cleveland has yet to TRANSFORM it's tactics of reinventing the business wheel of the entire REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY via the (not for profit) Community Development Spectrum from Landbanking to Demos.... ) As a matter of fact it has worked dynamically to push out real estate investors and keep them under their thumb via the Cleveland Housing Court regime and the Code Enforcement Business that sticks it to anyone who gets in their way! 

They wouldn't want folks to "prosper" locally... then they wouldn't have all those poor, indigent, statistically needy folks to use as QUOTAS to keep getting all that FEDERAL FUNDING & GRANTS to pretend to "HELP" the low income families of Northeast Ohio! 


LEARN MORE ABOUT THE "MASTER PLANS" in your neighborhood... enslaved into bawk, bawk, bawk, cluck, cluck, clucking following the plans of the few (gentrified controllers)for your future! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Dear Jeff Buster, Sometimes

Dear Jeff Buster,

Sometimes it is so nice to wake up in the morning, have some breakfast, and start the day by reading some news and posts, only to find my healthy American gut jiggling robustly as I lose control of my demeanor and just guffaw until I shed tears of joy. The very joy I have learned to feel when I can detect such subtle sarcasm and cynical humor.

Unfortunately, the laugh soon wears down and turns to sadness as I realize, once the veil of humor is lifted, that you have revealed yet another state of affairs I would rather not accept.

In short Mr. Buster, you made me laugh, and I thank you for that. But then again, it has forced me to see a reality I would rather not know. Ignorance is bliss, or is it?

Thinking of the concept of rich and poor causes me to dredge up the teachings of Jesus as reported in the New Testament. He teaches that rich people have a "snowman's balls' chance on my 6-burner Strickland 9000 Hank-Hill-installed-and-maintained grill at my 4th of July beach party" of getting into the Kingdom. He teaches that in order to follow him, one must relinquish earthly wealth, or simply, give up your money. I am aware that many people believe Jesus was teaching communism. The idea of giving up ownership in anything. I'll get back to this idea in a few minutes.

My wife and I have talked at great length about wealth. When we were young yuppies, we had a vision of the world and of our futures. Typical stuff. We imagined we'd buy a home, advance our careers and income, eventually start a small family, eventually start our own firms, get mildy rich, put two honor-student-kids through Stanford, Yale, Harvard, or Princeton, and retire at 48 to a leisure filled life of golf, travel, hobbies, and some community-based volunteerism. We had it all planned out, and we had money. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, really, but we had it. And it kept coming in on a regular basis.

"What a bunch of selfish crap" we eventually came to realize. How could it be that we could work at realtively meaningless office jobs for 20 years, play our cards right, and retire as millionaires? It was certainly possible. Others had done similar things. Many others. But how could it be possible? Thinking logically for a minute, I thought of all of the real cost associated with everything we have, and would eventually take from the world. Everything from all of the food we eat, to the home we live in, to all of the material items we use such as plates, forks, dishwashers, cars, furnaces, fuel, pools, clothes, golf balls, etc. etc. etc. And by real cost, I mean human labor, time, and effort. Take one simple golf club for example. Here are the items I assume go into such a product: 1) The thought of "golf ball" 2) Find raw materials 3) Mine raw materials 3) Process raw materials 4) Make parts 5) Assemble parts 6) Package product 7) Ship product 8) Store product 9) Sell product 10) Use product 11) Dispose of product.

Eleven simple stages. But each stage is comprised of a complex web of other elements. Take #3 for example. In order to mine the raw materials, there must be tools and machines, which are nothing more than other products, each made of many other products all of which require the same stages to bring about their existence.

The bottom line is that many many people in the world are providing real value by their labor and efforts. They are the ones growing food, making meals, making cars, making fuels, making steel, making airplanes, building homes, making lumber, making light bulbs, making glass, making machines, maintaining machines, inventing needed things, managing systems, etc.

The issue is that there are far too many other people doing absolutely unnecessary things. Unnecessary things cost us all quite a bit. It would be bad enough to offer people jobs that require nothing, like "O.K. Johnny, you need a job, so we're giving one to you. Here's what you need to do: Show up every Monday-Friday from 8-5, sit at that desk, and do nothing all day." That alone means that a desk, an office space, a chair, and other things are provided for no return on investment. Not only that but his pay is totally superfluous and a complete waste. Not only that, but Johnny uses fuel to get to his useless job. That's bad.

Now let's make it worse. Same scenario, except now Johnny is given an actual job to do, but alas, it is still useless. The idea is simply, "hey, we need to give Johnny a job, let's think of something he can do so we can at least keep him busy doing something." So now Johnny is in charge of "Sanitary Usage Applications and Processing." In other words, Johnny's "job" is making sure all bathroom trips in the office are documented and managed. So now, not only do we have to pay Johnny, we have to supply Johnny with a computer, a shitload of paper, and other accoutrement, so he may get his job done.

The bottom bottom line is:

1) Rich people are rich because they get their money/property from the rest of us, directly, or indirectly.

2) Either that or they print it themselves, and the rest of us assume it's real money, which I guess in the end is really the same thing as #1.

Now back to the communism/Jesus connection. There is none. Jesus was not talking about a governmental system. He was trying to get people to focus less on material things/wealth and more on spiritual wealth. To sum Jesus' entire position up, if I may do so without blasphemy, "Life is short, eternity is long. If you can't take it with you to eternity, why bother with it?" Government is simply the concept of a person or group controlling another person or group, for whatever reason, usually with actual or implied force.

I have to stop rambling now. Talk to you later.


Self-Segregation happens It

Self-Segregation happens

It always has.  It always will.  Is that so bad?

  Whatever the unifying force--a classroom, a workplace, a family, citizenship, mere geography--people do gravitate to their own kind, or towards those they feel safe with and appreciated by.  Does the studious one drift towards the thuggish?  Do you want her to?  Does the sober worker hang long with the indolent?  Wouldn't that be a self-contradiction, a self-denial?  Can the profane and the pure stand long in close proximity? 

I'm just wondering here about some ideas about "diversity" and "tolerance".  It seems we've made those two into modern twin towers to be worshipped.  And, I've been thinking about the kinds of snobbery I see here.  It's usually of the reverse, populist "down with the MAN and the powers that be" type.  You know, kind of tired and from the '60s stuff:  "Right Arm!", "Farm Out!", etc..

As for me, I'll try to remember--All saints have pasts, all sinners have futures.

Dante's vision  in Il Paradiso had angels dancing in the sky around their heavenly object.  Life is a dance, not an unbroken straight line.  That's why the Carters asked "Will the Circle be unbroken?"

I sang that song....

at my Grandfather's funeral.....invited all the rest of the family to sing along with the lyrics handed out...but they simply had no clue! Smiles...Grandpa would have appreciated it! Smiles... We also sang that at my mother, grandmother, and other Uncle's funerals.


If you really want to appreciate that up on Tuesday or Thursday night at the Coffee House on 99th & Lorain from 6-8pm and listen to it live from the best group of hillbillies in town! Tuesdays are bluegrass nights and Thursday are Country nights. It warms the heart of real country folks who appreciate this kind of music! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Beautiful job, Historian...

I agree...

Life is simply too short...


Blessed be the poor of spirit! Smiles.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Time is an ocean And love is

Time is an ocean

And love is the shore

And I may not see you tomorrow

B. Dylan

Tomorrow is a long time If

Tomorrow is a long time

If today were not an endless highway

If tonight were not a crooked trail

If tomorrow wasn't such a long time

Then lonesome would mean nothing to me at all

Only if my true love were waiting for me

And if I could hear that heart softly pounding

If only you were lying by me

Could I lie in my bed once again


There's beauty in that silver singing river

There's beauty in that rainbow in the sky

But none of these and nothing else can touch the beauty

That I remember in my true love's eyes


I can't see my reflection in the water

I can't speak the sounds to show no pain

I can't hear the echo of my footsteps

Or remember the sound of my own name

Only if my own true love werr waiting

And if I could hear that heart softly pounding

Only if you were lying by me

Could I lie in those arms once again



"In that midnight, moonlight hour...I'm walking that long, lonely mile."