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julian rogers.JPGPD fileCuyahoga County Council member Julian Rogers says he will resign from the trustees board at the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cuyahoga County Council member says he will resign from the RTA board of trustees to avoid any conflict in serving on the two public bodies.

As late as Monday, Councilman Julian Rogers had hoped to continue on the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority board, where he served since 2006. He was recently reappointed to a three-year term by outgoing county commissioners.

But Rogers said several issues raised in talks this week with the county prosecutor's office and RTA's top lawyer prompted his resignation.

One dealt with County Council's potential influence over RTA's largest source of money, a 1 percent countywide sales tax, Rogers said.

Any adjustment of the tax would go to a countywide vote. County Council would vote to place it on the ballot, placing Rogers in direct conflict.

RTA's general counsel, Cheryl King Benford, also raised issues regarding Rogers' dual public roles, he said. She could not be reached for comment.

Rogers said he is disappointed his RTA service is done. He had recently asked RTA to suspend his $4,800-a-year pay as a board member and contributions to a state employees' retirement system, so he would not be receiving compensation from two public jobs.

He's paid $45,000 a year as a county councilman.

"I'll still be a supporter of public transit and will do all I can to help grow RTA in my new capacity," Rogers said.


This story was on Cleveland.com - written by Tom Breckenridge for the PD


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Seems to make sense. Someone

Seems to make sense.

Someone should enlighten TWDC and the board members that  newly appointed Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray (01/07/11) should follow his example. 

Trying to hold onto her board seat and rule in the city's court system at the same time can be no less than a conflict of interest.  TWDC receives major  funding from the City of Cleveland - City of Cleveland pays her salary.  DUH.

Why is this RTA Julian Rogers report popular today?

 I noticed this report from Jerleen1 in 2011 was at the top of today's popular content.   Why is that?  Anyone know?

Eric Brewer's Cleveland Challenger

Folks are mining REALNEO - thanks to Eric Brewer who has revived political discourse at http://www.clevelandchallenger.com/



Representation- Ferchill's threat Council-at-large

Some fear that the threat to change the current structure of Cleveland City Council will undermine the "African-American" voting block and the "Hispanic" voting block.  This is what they fear:


What do any of the representatives on Cuyahoga County Council do for us?  Do any of us see better representation?  I think it is all smoke and mirrors.  The current representation on Cleveland City Council is just as useless.  We just run in circles chasing our tails. While the "right" folks make out.