Safety crime alert in tremont Update April 29, 2015 (folks protect your selfs & loved ones & neighbors - arm your selfs

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We recently sent the following statement to community members (below).  We also wanted to pass this information on to you.  Please be safe and remind your staff to take precautions if they are leaving at late hours and especially if they are carrying large amounts of cash.  We know many of your servers walk and/or bike to work through less well lit and traveled locations.  Be aware of your surroundings and if possible, leave with additional employees.  If you would like to assist in coordinating additional security efforts please contact Cory Riordan coryriordan [at] tremontwest [dot] org and/or andythomas [at] tremontwest [dot] org,  (216)575-0920.

Tremont West Development Corporation is aware of the incidences of crime that occurred over the past week. Although Tremont continues to be one of the safest communities in the City, we are concerned with the recent spike in criminal activity. We are working closely with Second District Commander Tom Stacho and Councilman Cimperman to monitor the activities and provide an appropriate response. To this end, the Second District will be providing additional police resources to the neighborhood in the form of plain clothes officers and patrols by unmarked cars. The car windows being broken out by BB guns and blunt objects have taken place the past two Thursday nights/early Friday mornings, so please be extra vigilant, and call the Police immediately if you see anything suspicious. License plates, suspect descriptions are all helpful, the more information the better.



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