Sam Miller is DEAD

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Clevelanddotcom obviously expected this news a lot earlier as Henry Gomez was tapped to write this eulogy while he was still at PD (Gomez now works for BuzzFeed).
But, it is fitting that I link here to the Cleveland Jewish News' obituary:

I am also going to excerpt and link to a Pete Kotz Scene article written in 2007-Please read it:


It was a momentous occasion. Inside Business was throwing a small dinner party for 500. Naturally, Sam Miller was invited to speak....He instead chose to lament the death of Cleveland, blaming it on our leaders' aversion to risk, their absence of vision. Excerpt: "We are confused, leaderless, and apathetic."

If we are to rise ever again, he implored, we must cast aside our provincialism in the name of regional cooperation.

Miller named no names. Provided no details. Offered no solutions. Were it a foreign policy address, it would have been akin to declaring that "extremist Muslims who blow up children really suck. We should form a committee."

 Now - fast forward to 2019, the media again lauds Miller, but now scrambles to justify the framework he leaves behind.  The acolytes groomed by Sam Miller: Frank Jackson, Armond Budish, Mike White (he is still here - check the Mandel Foundation), Rybka/Brancatelli, Sweeney/Kelley, Ray Pianka/Matt Zone, Jim Rokakis, Gus Frangos- and the media toadies who report whatever Sam Miller wanted : Chris Quinn and Brent Larkin.

Hence, the editorial board defense of Armond Budish and Brent Larkin's attempt to revive Vibrant NEO:


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Day of Reckoning

 Now that the GODFATHER is DEAD - what happens to his protected acolytes?  What happens to the over 400 properties -Rokakis, Frangos, Stephens, and Brancatelli have stockpiled in East 
Cleveland with the Cuyahoga County Land Bank?  What happens at the trial of Mike Riley for the Noble Rd Dump site?  What happens at the trial of Kenneth Tyson?


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What happens when East Cleveland is dissolved - as predicted by Eric Jonathon Brewer

Without Sam Miller - who is going
to run interference for the "family?"

Pete Kotz saw this in 2007--He is in Minnesota, now:

When the county wanted to build a new juvenile justice center at 93rd and Quincy, Miller scooped up the land for $383,571. Less than a year later, he flipped it back to the county for $2.75 million. The property happened to be the most contaminated in Cleveland. The cleanup bill alone is $9 million. Which means commissioners will spend $12 million for out-of-the-way East Side land before even breaking ground.

People of Beachwood: Can we have your money now?

Then there was the $7 million government loan Forest City got to rehab the Halle Building on Playhouse Square. But the company only wanted to pay back $3 million. Since wise lenders always prefer to lose money on their deals, the city agreed.

People of Westlake: Can you bum us a few mil?

Then came the federal courthouse. Forest City owned hillside property valued at $4.7 million. But the city convinced the feds to cough up $18.3 million. The difference, after all, would go to a good cause: Sam Miller.

People of Brecksville: Do you trust us yet?

The gifts go on. Tower City construction: $35 million. Renovation of the mall's Rapid station: $54 million. RTA's payment for a tunnel from Gateway: $10 million.

People of Solon: Don't tell us the check's in the mail.

Miller was even there for the loot-a-thon known as the Mike White administration. He bankrolled the obscure kleptomaniac's rise to power. They dined regularly to discuss strategy. When White departed, Miller claimed the mayor's greatest achievement was the expansion of Hopkins Airport, which the FBI later proved to be an open-air bazaar of extortion and theft.

But in Miller's eyes, White was the ideal chief executive. "If they looked at Mike White with a cool eye, without bias or political interests, they would see that he has done more for this city in 10 years than any other mayor since 1796," he said.

In a sense, Miller's speech proved his point. Here was a living monument to why Cleveland is dying, an insider who's always plucked for himself, only to hasten the city's death. But he could still paint himself as a knighted reformer before a room of our best and brightest, and the lemmings would readily follow him to the cliff.



Please let the record know that this civic journalism site - REALNEO - also took note of the Sam Miller prophecy in 2007:

Sam MIller is DEAD


 Sam Miller will not live to see the profit made on his "investment" in East Cleveland.   He is DEAD.  REAP what you have sown.