Save our City

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 12/28/2008 - 01:51.


Cleveland is New Orleans, where the foreclosure crisis, like Katrina, is just a perfect storm for corporate greed and local corruption run amok. 

.....And the more I looked around and saw these things, the more I realized what I was really witnessing: people making the most out of a life in which nonnegotiable decisions about what stays and what goes are ultimately being made in boardrooms.

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How, in short, should fairness be balanced with realism?

I was struck during a visit to New Orleans a couple summers ago by how similar Cleveland and post Katrina New Orleans look. This article from the Times Picayune "Smaller, smarter" sums it up, too. Where should we invest? Who makes those decisions? Do homeowners and business owners and resident taxpayers get invitations to the discussions?

Hydric soils

  For a start--we might not rebuild on hydric soils and we should restore our urban streams to heal our waters.

Will we ever learn?