Scrap Life in Cleveland Ohio

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 23:11.

Image 12.30.10 jeff buster on Woodland near E55 in Cleveland Ohio scrap collector with shopping cart

If its metal and it isn't tied down (or tied down loosely) the Chinese will buy it - for scrap.  Aluminum cans bring a penny, the steel bed frame will get maybe two bucks, the computer case...Who needs a nuke or an invading army?   Just export a lot of stuff via Walmart and your national metals futures markets will pay enough to cause the dismantling of your customers infrastructure from the inside.

American democracy is a beautiful thing.  We all have a chance to work for our health care!

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Big money in this underground industry! 

Big Money - not for these folks - or for society


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