Scrappers: Demolishing the insides of homes throughout Cleveland.

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Thu, 05/30/2013 - 00:49.

In 2013, our City seems to lag behind the world of information sharing regarding the criminal vandalism that goes with scrapping out houses in Cleveland by tenants, locals, and hungry addicts trying to sustain their expensive addictions with midnight thefts of copper pipes, stainless steel sinks, cast iron stack pipes, and wiring in the walls of vacant and abandoned homes. Property owners must have insurance to cover such vandalism above and beyond the basic fire policies of landlords. Sadly; most are NOT covered and lenders and owners are taking huge losses from this sad reality within Cleveland. Meanwhile; you might ask yourself why they cannot control the ongoing problem? Simply put; they do not want to control it. They like the fact that this hungry populace of thieves are pushing homes in their Master Plan zones straight into condemnation and forcing homeowners to either repair them or demolish them...All of this supports the 2020 visions of Cleveland as an Urban Grand Central Park... More comical is the points of all the cycles of this madness support grand schemes of quotas for the public servants from A-Z. The police must take reports; the city gets more quotas for demo dollars, and the scrap industry is making a killing while the scrappers are killing themselves with the drugs they are buying that support terrorism (heroin). It is all so unbelievably comically sad that people are getting bolder and bolder about violating homes and owners. Tenants are scrapping out houses or letting their buddies have the scrap out of homes they are being evicted from on the night before the sheriff pulls up to put them on the street. (LANDLORDS: MAKE SURE YOUR INSURANCE POLICIES ARE UP TO DATE THROUGHOUT THE EVICTION PROCESS.) That may be the only saving grace to the vandalism most of you endure upon eviction (retaliation.). It's all so discouraging...and do not let the court know that tenants took out mechanicals like furnaces, water heaters, or wiring because they are forced to send inspectors to investigate which leads to housing court violation citations and criminal housing court quotas...possibly jail time and huge fines upon the owner in addition to losses from rental income. It's all so outrageous. It's not at all amusing to realize that the neighbors don't care and never see anything solid to lead to arrests and convictions of these thieves. Fear abides to look the other way. People have to do this work in the middle of the night. The police take these calls as low priorities too---so owners wait hours upon hours to make the reports that support the vandalism and claims. They are expected to know on the spot the value of the goods Best thing to do in Cleveland seems to be to say the amount of the cost to rebuild the vandalized properties. Then; when it's lower-you are safe and don't have to go through hoops filing an amended police report that outlines the losses in a microscopic manner. That is very tedious. I guess that is why adjusters are in such high demand in this town. Above all this damaging you find at the properties....these scrappers all seem to leave their calling cards....a pile of human feces usually exists within the location of such properties. The Cleveland CSI team doesn't have any interest in taking those samples for DNA specimens again-no one will usually be held accountable for their culpability in destroying homes on the average of $100,000.00 per pop for a couple hundred bucks of scrap money at the scrap yard. It's so pathetic. A few years ago; this may have provided work for countless guys in the construction business; now it provides jobs for the demolition crews because owners are fed up with recovering properties destroyed by the underground tsunami hitting our town...while the community development corporations profit and inflate the limited amounted of good housing stock through the roof to ill affordable rates that the real low income folks cannot's such a cycle of sick truths. I went into a friend's property recently which was violated. It saddens me that the hard work initially invested to make a home for a family was destroyed and left the property owner insolvent on this property...broke. The high water bills are outrageous. The electric meters were pulled off the home by the utility companies due to the theft of utilities by the tenants who had failed to pay their bills for all too long. All the niceness in the world only crippled this person who put the energy into this investment when the receiving parties--TENANTS....get more benefits for an eviction than for being forced to pay their bills.... Who loses? The landlord...the property investor. The poor tenants get vouchers for security deposits and first month rents and a clean slate with the next landlord... Pay for those background checks folks. Every day at the scrap yards you can watch the midnight scrappers dropping their loads of pipes and copper and stainless steel etc at the junkyards. It's a sad cycle. Not enough police to follow up...Not enough proactive citizens to babysit the vacant properties on their streets. It's a free for all....and it drives the need for quotas in the big city of Cleveland Ohio....while inflating all our insurance rates and costs of living through the roof. Blah.

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Copper, steel, cast iron, metals, and more robbed daily...

Why put away the robber-scrappers??? They are inadvertently helping the city leadership accomplish their mission to demo most of Cleveland. Woohoo!

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