Seems government is where Ohio needs some winners in 2010... time to shift focus from b-ball to the Washington Mall...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 05/18/2010 - 19:46.

I'm not a party politics guy, but I sure supported Obama from the first day I saw what he offered the world - and I well remember the awe of the moment I knew Obama was President. While I'm sure I could do much better, and so could you, I think he is doing an excellent job overall, and I am certain we want to stay the course with him and leaders who share his vision, through this administration and another - he is turning around a leaky rusting out of control supertanker here, hoping to get our economy back to safe harbour before we have another deepwater experience.... and this supertanker US Enterprise is running on empty.

To help the nation get and stay on course for the future, in the Blue state of Ohio, the Democratic party must be effective, and that means citizens need to get involved helping good candidates succeed... at least getting candidates engaged about what citizens believe and want from their leaders. That's one thing I feel realNEO enables well, and I know our core members make a point to get active in support for good in politics, to the core. Below is a message from Governor Strickland asking everyone to volunteer to " Fight for Ohio’s Future", and I look forward to dialog here on the candidates in the upcoming elections - there are certainly some big races being decided in November... best not sit this one out as a passive spectator in 2010, to find yourself a helpless victim in 2011!

Seems government is where Ohio needs some winners in 2010... time to shift focus from b-ball to the Washington Mall...

In 2008, I watched the election returns with a group of supporters in Columbus. When Ohio turned blue, the crowd began to cheer. We all knew that Barack Obama would be our next President.

This year, Ohio will once again be an important battleground state. Ohio Democrats have a unique opportunity to create a government that will fight for middle-class families for a decade to come and to help ensure that President Obama is re-elected in 2012.

Will you become a volunteer in our unprecedented effort to help Democrats up and down the ticket?

That’s why the Ohio Democratic Party is creating an unprecedented, coordinated campaign to help Ohioans who share our values. The Fight for Ohio’s Future is a joint effort by Democratic candidates and our allies to combine resources across the state and work together like never before.

I hope you will get involved in our campaign to ensure all Democrats up and down the ticket--candidates like Yvette McGee Brown, Lee Fisher, Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Richard Cordray, Kevin L. Boyce, David Pepper, and countless others--are successful in November.

Can I count on you to join our coordinated effort to help Ohioans who share our values?

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. And as we begin this historic campaign, I want to share a few words about the Ohio values we’re all fighting for.

I learned my values on a little dirt road in Southern Ohio called Duck Run.

I learned my values from my father, the hardest working man I've ever known, and from my mother, the kindest, most giving and generous person you could ever imagine.

In Ohio, we value education, a strong middle class, protecting our senior citizens, and so much more. In this great Ohio family of ours, we look out for each other.

I know you hold Ohio values, too. It’s people like you, from Cleveland to Toledo to Cincinnati to Appalachia, whose hard work and dedication will make certain we protect our values in the fall.

Will you be a part of this historic coordinated campaign to elect Ohioans who will protect Ohio values?

I can’t thank you enough for standing with us to fight for Ohio.


I got the call tonight, too...

But I won't vote for Fisher.  I think that the Democratic party should have thought of that before they set up their platform of candidates.

I have to hope that some Republicans in the House and Senate will find a way to cross the aisle.


Gunfire in the hood... Now I hear sirens... 9:46

It always blows my mind to hear a shootout in my neighborhood. 9:38 - far in the distance - no idea what direction - volley of bullets back and forth - sounded like handguns - automatics... one probably emptied his clip. No sirens so I guess no one died on the spot, and no one bothered to call the cops. Could be in Cleveland or East Cleveland... not far from home....

Now I hear sirens... 9:46

Gunfire in the hood. That is a tough one for the candidates to solve, but I'd like them to try.

Disrupt IT

GOTV for November

I agree that Obama has done some good things, like today by ordering an extension of benefits to same sex partners of federal employees. Can you remember the indignity and being appalled just two years ago by McCain/Palin when the topic was brought up?

As distasteful as I find both Fisher and Strickland, the bigger picture is more important, and I will swallow hard and try to remember that bigger picture as campaigns gear up over the next few months. As my mother says, if you are a Democrat, and can not vote the ticket, stay home. (She also says if you are a Republican, stay home.)