The shocking truth about HIV and AIDS

Submitted by Phillip Williams on Thu, 10/29/2009 - 08:56.

I was in reading my emails today and came accross a link to youtube.  This is pretty normal, but what was interesting about this link was that this youtube video is a trailer for House of Numbers, a film that puts the topic of HIV and AIDS in a very different light.


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The men of AIDS

Bill Gates and George Bush

Thanks, Phillip

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My conversation with Peter Duesberg

About 10 years ago I had a chance to speak (at length) on the phone with Professor Peter Duesberg, the premiere scholar who is the lightening rod of this entire debate. As it was he who took the first steps toward the dismantle of the HIV-AIDS disinformation campaign.  Interestingly, Duesberg has a son named Max (like me) though that's of no consequence to this discussion.  But what is of grave consequence is that the phantom AIDS is, annually, a multi-billion dollar industry that has probably raked in several trillion dollars of revenue for drug companies, advertisers, magazines that sell ads to drug makers, insurance companies, politicians, scientists who have been paid to tow the line and countless journalists who make their living (partly or wholly) by unintentionally or willfully propogating this myth--this lie--that has caused the death (not by HIV but by misdiagnosis and deliberate poison via fatal drugs like AZT and others and chemotherapy) of untold thousands, if not millions. 

Next to Operation 911, this is one of the most successful yet deadly, money-making psych-ops operations in modern times.  And sadly, it is my observation that the majority of gay man (out and politically involved) in the Western Hemisphere are willful participants to their own massacre.  Africa is a different story involving a more complex set of circumstances, which in large part caused Thalbo Mebeki to have to recently resign as South African President, once it had become apparent that he was not willing to buy into thie standard issue, corporate-socio-political, murder for money.

I could provide 50 or more links to sites which have been covering this issue for 20+ years, but instead I encourage any and all to do your on research and come to whatever conclusion you may.


I was just reading about Duesberg

I'm glad to learn about this movie and more about what we don't know about HIV and AIDS. I know very little.

From seeing this promo, I did some reading and my eyes are wider open.

Knowing the harm Bill Gates has done to society through Microsoft, I was certain there was evil behind his involvement with AIDS - one messed up dude, to put it mildly... Official Geek of the Global Oligarchy

Don't buy Gates' technology, drugs, seeds... if Gates is involved it is evil

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Norm, I am curious to know what Bill Gates has done to society re Microsoft.  kd


skd, Bill Gates effectively shut down the development of open source software. Microsoft bought out any new fledging software developers, took over corporations, raided and raped the computer industry.  Computer hardware companies were forced to sign contracts that theonly software that they could install was Microsoft. Microsoft was sued in anti trust courts. Their software is a high school project turned into a nightmare. Bills Gates screwed the world and got away with it. We are now a couple of decades behind where we should be. 

The same question...


Excellent summation, and now I pose to you the same question I just asked of Norm...



There has never been a need for people to pay for the operating system running our computers and much of the software we use. Bill worked with IBM and other massive enterprises to force all humans on Earth to use one poor platform for all desktop and much enterprise and network computing, placing one monopoly at the nerve center of all human being.

Why do public schools teach Microsoft - and pay for Microsoft crap?

How about the government, at any level, anywhere in the world?

And, why are Microsoft products even allowed to be sold in developing countries, with scarce resources not best spent making Bill Gates the richest man on Earth, to allow him to mess with health and food in developing nations.

Irreparable harm - immeasurable - unfathomable - satanic.

Regarding AIDS, others are better experts on Gates and AIDS

And, Bill is getting into industrial ag big too... more experts on that will surface.

And he will probably live to be 150... and will keep on feeding on humanity... or, we may all go FOSS and bankrupt Microsoft.

BTW - only about 50% of REALNEO visitors are using Microsoft Internet Explorer - about 35% Firefox, 10% Safari, and 5% split between others.

Microsoft would not exist in an intelligent global free market economy - it is a made monopoly.

We are entering an era when intelligent global free market economies are becoming possible

Microsoft's days are numbered...

Bill and his Foundation will be around for a long time... people made him disgustingly rich - revoltingly rich - perversely rich - richer than any decent human being would allow.

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AIDS, Gates and Capitalism in America


While you're correct in your assessment of Bill Gates--that he is a disgustingly rich, corporate whore-don't you think, as Michael Moore says, that the real problem is our economic system--unmitigated capitalism?  Is that not the issue with AIDS and many other money driven health policies, like the cancer and diabetes industries?




It is Debbie, not Debra, and I will confess that I haven't watched the video that you posted yet. I just got on a tear about Microsoft because that pushed the button tonight. Will watch, listen and respond soon.


Phillip posted the video, not me


I always mix-up you and Debra.  No offence.  And in any case, I didn't post the video, Phillip Williams did.  Still I would be very much interested in your response to my question posed to both you and Norm.


Capitalism is for the poor... tyranny is the problem

Like AIDS, Gates' software is the virus keeping all humanity down and in check - it is hard to attribute that to routine capitalism... it is global domination. Global domination exceeds capitalism - it is tyranny.

Tyranny is the real problem in our economic system.

Capitalism is a device of the tyrants.

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Tyranny, AIDS and Technology

  This post and the related comments put so many problems in perspective.  Great stuff.  Norm--your fringe will become the center.  Please don't give up :)



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I am having some trouble with the claim that the virus has never been isolated. That’s because it has, how can you get past that claim, that it has not?

Then the post drifts from HIV and AIDS, but first your have to take into consideration that one is a virus and the other is a syndrome. The virus attacks the immune system and then you die from what results from that, so as the clip points out depending were you are in the world its not the same virus and what kills you would also vary.

A virus mutates and that is why individuals that are detected as positive for HIV can still contract other forms of it. Two people that are both HIV positive still should have safe sex, they can cross contaminate and make the situation worse.

So you have different strains of the virus and then different environmental factors that eventually bring about AIDS which is what ultimately kills the person. They can not find a cure only methods to restrain and contain the virus, as it is affecting the immune system and killing it kills the host.

I have lost people to AIDS many people, some close friends and many acquaintances, you assume they moved away or that you simply lost track of them, but then you find out…they are no longer with us.

This clip and the singular claim that the virus has never been identified or isolated is false and really should discredit its contents in its entirety.

As far as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes…go to their website and read about what they are doing with all that accumulated capital. I would say you could spend some significant amount of time investigating what they are funding and the results of that.

I am getting the impression that what the Gates are attempting to fund are initiatives that have only positive impact and minimal or no negative secondary effects.

But nothing can prevent the inevitable heart pounding sensationalists….makes me think; get the fuck off the edge of your seats people, there is nothing here to see, move along.

HIV, AIDS and the Myth of Alzheimer's

How "medical" conditions are defined, diagnosed and treated evolves over time, as research changes facts and assumptions - homosexuality was listed as a mental illness until the 1970s - Peter Whitehouse is changing how we view Alzheimer's - and there have always been questions about Gallo and other aspects of HIV and AIDS definitions, diagnosis and treatment. So, even at the heart of the science of AIDS and HIV there are conflicts among the leading scientists - we are far from able to be conclusive about anything with HIV and AIDS.

These days, I tend to go with the most natural and noninvasive assumptions, definitions, diagnoses and treatments - the medical industry and mainstream media have lost my trust so I research all medical issues from the sources. If I had AIDS, I would be all over every angle and spend a long time deciding for myself how I wanted to treat myself.

This documentary seems to offer important inquiry into an important issue - I want to see it.

As for Gates - no redemption.

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Pentagon Changes Listing of Homosexuality as Mental Illness

Actually, it was just in 2006 that "Pentagon Changes Listing of Homosexuality as Mental Illness", which reports "The revision came in response to criticism this year when it was discovered that the guidelines listed homosexuality alongside mental retardation and personality disorders."

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It still would not be a good


It still would not be a good idea to sing show tunes on the frontlines.

Might keep the troops sane

What is the greatest casualty of war? The human minds.

1,000s of soldiers killed.

10,000s mentally damaged in combat.

Over 10,000 discharged for being gay.

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Here here!

Well said Norm.