Show your support for Cleveland, get your Quitness t-Shirt!

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Stay tuned for information on a photo opportunity for everyone who gets a Quitness t-shirt.

Get your Quitness t-shirt to show your support of the Cleveland Cavilers.


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"Let Them Hate,'' in reference to the backlash from Cleveland

We could be known as a community of good sports instead...

From Miami Herald coverage of their new beginnings...

Fans carried posters featuring the three players in Heat uniforms and the slogan: ``Yes. We. Did.''

Others wore shirts celebrating the acquisitions, one of them reading ``Let Them Hate,'' in reference to the backlash from Cleveland over James' departure.

``They got seven years with LeBron,'' said Nick Munez, 21. ``They had their chance. It's time to win.''

And, interesting to read comments on the Miami Herald site to Dan Gilbert's letter...

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hate is a very big feeling...

I hope you all feel proud.

As Long as They Fear T-Shirt

As Long as They Fear T-Shirt

This phrase was a favorite of Emperor Caligula and translates roughly into "Let them hate, as long as they fear." Put in J!NX terms, when you consistently destroy someone at [Insert Game Here], you're rarely going to show up on their buddy list. However, knowing that their anger is born from fear makes it all worth it.

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LeBron James

is 25 years old, When he hits 30, he will be old for a star basket ball players. He wants to win a championship while he has what it takes.  Who can begrudge this man for chasing his dream? It is not going to happen here so he needs to go do it someplace else.

I am hoping that this gets to be old news real soon.