Signs of Life

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 18:12.

Friday is a great day of the week.  There is a promise of relaxation and some time to reflect on the past and the future.  After dental work today, I was transferring buses at the Westside Market and found a hopeful sign of life in Cleveland--a tourist!  A young, leatherclad uber-chic, Dutch?/German? lad on bicycle and in search of a Library!  

Is it meant-to-be that he stops me, a librarian!?  He seemed rushed, but I directed him to the Carnegie West library only a few blocks away.  My guess would be that he was in search of Wi-Fi and I would also guess that the Westside Market area may also offer Wi-Fi reception--but I could be wrong.  Perhaps, he needed the comfort of a good book.  We can only speculate, for he was gone in a flash.  A blur in the whirl of world-wide human interaction.


I was told to go to the library just this afternoon ...

I returned a DVD I had rented at the kiosk at Zagara's  (probably my first and last time because the DVD was  so scratched we could nt watch much of the movie). A woman standing nearby scolded me saying I should borrow DVDs from the library instead. I told her she was right. I do borrow DVDs and other media sometimes, but not often enough.

dvds at the library

I have begun to ramp up my use of the library for movies and documentaries. I do a search in the catalog on (just as I do for books) and "place a hold". I indicate that I'd like to pick it up at the library a few blocks away (CHUH Main). Then I get a call from the library - an automated voice tells me that "Items you have requested are at the Lee Road Branch of the Cleveland Public Library. Please pick them up within 8 days." I walk in, look on the shelf where they've got my name on a sheet of paper rubberbanded around my items and use the handy dandy automated checkout.

Sometimes I still go up to Vidstar on Coventry if I have a last minute hankering to see something classic or see what I missed last year that is probably out on dvd now (I can never remember until I am browsing). I like to walk up to Vidstar. The folks are great and my dog is welcome. Here's a pic of Phoebe in Vidstar that is on their Facebook page in "dogs we love" album.

Phoebe fell asleep during Lassie. She's not big on movies (they don't smell like anything), but she loves the treats they keep on hand when she visits. She likes going to the library, too, even if there are not treats there. Our walks to the library often include a stop at Phoenix Coffee and Tea on the way back home. Best film available only at I've seen this year is Garbage Warrior.

Evelyn - If you're taking the bus to Zagara's (the 40) you can just stay on until Silsby. But I would guess you use the fabulous East Cleveland Library.

Young enough

  Are you able to watch an entire DVD, Evelyn!  Good for you!  I am almost guaranteed to fall asleep if I pop one in the machine.  I need to take out more dvds from the library.  More sleep and I am guaranteed to not get the dreaded H1N1 flu virus or worse, right?! guarantees in my life.  I will try to take photos of the photovoltaic system at Fire Station #20 in my lovely Brooklyn Centre neighborhood tomorrow.  The bus ride on the #26 to Lakewood for the dental torture was my entertainment for the day.  So many beautiful people on my bus. A really intriguing looking woman from Africa.  People really miss out on the best of Cleveland.  Good night--Evelyn!