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images 7 and 8 -

(hot iron and hot steam) are they just dumping that shit onto the ground????

It cools there

It cools there - they scoop it up and haul it away

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Great photos--how did you get this?

Last time Chris took photos in and around Mittal--we received a home visit by the FBI!



By now the FBI should know me

By now the FBI should know me well - by realNEO and for real.

I have a circuit I follow to take visibility shots of the flats and Cleveland, monitoring pollution there - sometimes the view is amazing - I have 1,000s of photos back around there - this is up behind the Sunoco refinery, which I find one of the most frightening sites in town.

The oddest thing is there are high voltage powerlines at head-level here dropping down into Mittal - I almost walked right into them - you can feel the megawatts flowing...

Note how different the visibility looks here... and here... on a very dirty day...

refineries -

for a long time there was a sicky sweet smell permeating Tremont and Duck Island.

This went on for years. It made me crazy nauseous, so even if it was hot and humid, I would shut my windows. It was usually early in the morning. I thought it was the blue silos down on Scranton by Wiley, but one day I decided to follow it.

There is a refinery/dispensary right next to Pat's in the Flats on West 3rd and Literary (yes where Mr. Chiplis was shot). They were the origins of this awful smell. They also spew 20 - 30 (?) foot flames into the air at night. Some sort of something they have at ground level, and the flames are hidden. You have to go back down the street (east) that runs next to Pat's (perpendicular to West 3rd).

truly nasty.

It could be BP polluting Tremont

If you dig a bit into pollution in real NEO you learn there are many coal burning industiral faciltiies around you and the region... look at this engineering site for lists of typical projects in Cleveland and the area... note terms like "low grade coal"... note the universities burning coal... note many polluting facilities owned and operated by BP:

The Standard Oil Company/BP – Cleveland, Ohio
Project – New 80 MW (700,000 pph) plant using low grade coal in recirculating fluidized bed boiler and combination extraction condensing turbine.  Project includes rail and barge coal unloading, limestone material handling, water treatment, wastewater treatment, cooling towers, baghouse, ash handling, substations, controls, piping, electrical, structural, and civil work.

BP/Standard Oil Company
Cleveland, Ohio
Feasibility Study
Project – Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of applying air-cooled and water-cooled slagging cyclone combustors to existing oil and/or natural gas fired industrial boilers.  The study included boiler sizes from 50,000 pph to 175,000 pph, with plant loads from 50,000 pph to 500,000 pph, coal handling and ash handling equipment, slagging combustors firing coal or coal water slurry and flue gas desulfurization systems when firing non-compliance coal.

BP/Standard Oil Company
Cleveland, Ohio
Fuel Conversion Study
Project – Preliminary engineering to connect existing coal-fired boilers to fire Coal Aqueous Mixture (CAM).  The scope included fuel delivery system, ash removal/disposal system, air pollution control for compliance with air quality regulations, detailed drawings, and construction estimate and schedule.

BP/Standard Oil Company
Cleveland, Ohio
New Power Plant Study
Project – Develop operating costs, construction costs and preliminary layouts for bubbling bed and circulating bed fluidized bed boiler powerhouses.  Included were seventeen (17) plant sizes from 100,000 pph to 1,900,000 pph, operating pressures of 200 psig @ saturated, 650 psig @ 700oF and 1300 psig @ 900oF, extraction turbine generators to match boilers anthracite and bituminous coal from 7,000 to 13,000 Btu/Lb., rail and truck delivery of coal, silo and ground storage of coal, and block diagram mass balances.

Kent State University - State Architect, State of Ohio
Project –Economizer, Multiclone Collector and Hopper Evacuation system added to existing 40,000 pph coal-fired boiler, new dense phase coal handling system, new powerhouse lighting and emergency generator.  Responsible for obtaining EPA permit-to-install and removing existing boiler from standby basis

Oberlin College - Oberlin, Ohio
Project – Addition of electrostatic precipitator, flue gas analyzers, coal and ash handling extensions for two (2) 40,000 pph coal-fired chain grate stoker boilers.

Cleveland State University
Cleveland, Ohio
Feasibility Study
Project – Study to determine the feasibility of replacing the current purchase of steam with steam generated by a new Central Heating and Cooling Plant with Distribution System or smaller Satellite Plants.  Various scenarios included steam distribution, hot water distribution, natural gas fuel, low sulfur and high sulfur coal fuel, cogeneration, and possible steam sales to St. Vincent Charity Hospital.  Steam flow load profiles, heat balances and Life Cycle Cost Analysis were performed using in-house developed computer software.

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And this may explain why our universities are PRO COAL

And this may explain why our universities are PRO COAL and ANTI-REALNEO - anti-Roulet

They all depend on burning coal to maintain the tuition paid by students... and to pay salaries to faculty, staff and administrators... especially those Presidents...

It is the students, faculty, staff and administrators' of Ohio universities' fault real NEO is polluted, and that is the well engineered truth

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Bit off topic: Remember the Lord of the RIngs scene

Where you see how the evil wizard Sarauman has chopped down trees, dug into the earth, a defacement and desecration of Isengard, making his new breed of orcs to go to war against Rohan? The sixth photo in particular reminds me of that magnificent triology, which still speaks to us today.



Ever since my husband and I

Ever since my husband and I moved here we've always called The Steelyards 'Mordor.' When the big flame is running, especially when it's really dark outside, it looks just like the eye of Sauron.

Go here and you'll see what

Go here and you'll see what I mean:

Now THAT'S extensive documentation of fair use

I wondered if I could post my own screen clip from my DVD and just say something like that so it had attribution. It is SO close to your sixth photo, I'll have to email you a copy.


, thanks for the support!