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          I am ashamed of the adults of today. We sit and talk about slavery and stayed stuck on that for years, missing out on alot of opportunity. But right here at home, where we live in the united states, there is slavery, and i'm not talking about racial slavery. I'm talking about slavery of our own kind. Only the slave master's name is BABY DADDY!!!!! somebody tell me what's wrong? You mean to tell me because a man gave a woman a child he owns her? He is even willing to kill and go to jail for the rest of his life because he gave a woman a child and decided that he don't want to be there - that he will be with another woman - and the BABY MAMA knows this but still allows herself to invite another man to her home... knowing she is still dealing with the child's father... causing the father to get upset because someone else is there, that may really love her - and they come and want to FIGHT or KILL because they think they own the BABY MAMA, and she's not allowed to be with another man. That's SLAVERY at home. WAKE UP LADIES AND GENTS

I know of at least one death last year like this

Kieth, coming from where you do, you can help us understand the death in Cleveland. You bring up an issue I've not seen discussed - a state of thinking among young people about family and life that is leading to death.

These are young people, you are talking about - right? Street-thug-thought?

How do we address the problem - who do we make change?

What is different now about relationships than when you were growing up, on these same mean streets?

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                                 Yes!! i'm talking about our youth. But also some of our adults for standing bye watching and, judging, and ridiculing. We need to wake up and realize when we as adults are gone {and we don't have long} the youth today will be in charge. and that's trouble. The difference in relationships today is there is no guidance. When i was growing up, i had alot of teachers including people that wasn't your parent you where taught by anyone even winoes. and you knew better, because they would tell your parents or let you know themselves when you done something wrong. NOW!!! No one will even talk to our youth. The preacher said THY ROD AND THY STAF WOULD COMFORD ME AND I FEAR NO EVIL. WELL the beautifully dressed people that sit comfortable inside the church is not the ones who need help{well some} but i never known Jesus to stay inside of a temple and preach, he walked through mountains,and valleys, and all danger to teach the word and save us. I come from the rough and dangerous streets of east 105 between St.clair and Superior and there is a mega church that was built and i guess unless i go inside i will never see nor meet this paster. and just watch the youth that need help outside the church fall because they don't count.and it don't matter what race you are. COME OUTSIDE AND HELP OUR YOUTH PLEASE!!!!!!! There not crazy, just scared of what chances they have with no guidance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BE BLESSED

just scared of what chances they have with no guidance


Beautifully put.

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Foundation photo-op

Keith--I hear your scream.  I recently attended a Neighborhood Connections event--billed as a talking session, but not really, because it was meant more as a photo-op for the Cleveland Foundation. 

The BIG talk in this town is getting our kids to start working the fields, again.  It's surreal.  I know many of the people involved and I like many of the people, caught up in the bureaucracy-- who showed up to the NC event, but it's time we stop talking and give the kids some love. 

No one wants to talk about keeping the schools and congregation/churches open so students can let off steam and learn at their own rate with afterschool programs like the Schools as Neighborhood Resource Program--that features sports, dance, music, theatre, language, computer training and classes that show families how to prepare healthy meals for themselves--or even how to grow their own food. 

No--we need folks to work the plantation.  REALNEO.

The Green Movement sure has gone blue... er, red

Slavery is hot in real NEO these days... Cleveland+plantations+workhouses will save this economy.

Too bad leadership here don't get no IT, or no po folk.

I'm working on the supply chain for realNEO, and we have plenty of power to run it - more to come when time... I just can't tell people what I'm doing anymore in unreal NEO.

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