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Submitted by ClevelandCreatives on Sat, 07/30/2011 - 09:40.

CASE STUDY: Pet Adoption Highway

10 days ago I talked to a friend who is heavily involved in rescuing pets slated to be euthanized to get them placed into adoptive homes. One of the hurdles faced by those who would like to adopt these pets is overcoming the geographical distance between adoptive homes and the animal rescues.

8 days ago I created a map on Google Maps that allows volunteers to place a pin on it stating the travel radius they would be willing to transport these pets to get them to their adoptive homes. This map empowers those who would like to adopt to organize their own transfer. The community of volunteers shares the weight and expense of transfer. The desired results-- another pet is saved and adopted into a good home.

In 8 days we have experience over 8,000 visits and have covered the U.S. map creating a complex transfer highway of volunteers that spans coast to coast. I invite your feedback. Come watch the results with me here:

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