The Social Media Pillars of Narcissism, ADHD and Stalking - Here is the real face of Facebook to me...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/09/2010 - 14:56.

 Social Media Venn Diagram

Why I hate Facebook, #149 - this venn diagram is so true!

Don't expect to find humane virtual community in the warehouses of multi-billion-dollar American media corporations - that ain't how personal liberty works or ever has

Here is the best portrayal of the real world of Facebook to me...

Social Media Face

RealNEO is the anti-Facebook social media solution for real people in the real world... ADHD and all.

Be as narcissistic as you like - No stalkers allowed.

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How much time and money has unrealNEO wasted on Facebook?

Over the past five+ years, as I have been deploying and helping support the wonderful free and open source co-op owned realNEO social media solution for this region and the world, I have been saddened to see the leaders of our community go the WRONG WAY with social media - taking important community assets like City Council into the private, inappropriate Facebook world for primary communications.

It seems this town is now full of "FACEBOOK CONSULTANTS" - what the hell are they selling.

realNEO is a free community-owned social media solution people and organizations here SHOULD spend time and money learning to use and optimize - they should learn the code behind realNEO - yet our leaders are wasting their time and our resources "learning" how to use a simple and low value, inappropriate tool the wrong ways... Facebook for cities... please?!!?

What do you think this foolish Facebook bubble has cost northeast Ohio, in obstructing real progress in and with social media here.

I would say $10s millions in money wasted on the wrong IT solutions done wrong, and the opportunity costs of doing things wrong - and that is just on a very local and internal community basis.

Lost global opportunity has been $ billions for real NEO - especially as the code of Friendster cum MySpace cum Facebook was co-opted without compensation from individuals, including many people still here in realNEO...

We in realNEO and unreal NEO are huge Facebook victims, but few people realize that here.

We'll be correcting that gap in insight in this community - real NEOans wrote much of the code of Facebook, and we'll write the replacement for Facebook.

We developed ICEarth as the real foundation for that.

Disrupt IT

I just use Facebook for research

And I still had to delete over a dozen stalkers who were not my friends, yet thought they should be my Faceboik friends.

Enemies on Facebook may be highly disruptive to your real friends.

Real life doesn't work that way in my world.

I look forward to Facebook collapsing so I can delete everything Facebook in my world forever, and never look back.

The computer industry will be sad, as Facebook viruses are probably responsible for most computer sales and service calls these days - like printing money for nothing.

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The Political Gangster

                                             Man!!!!! i have problems myself on Facebook so i just stopped. because it's hard enough as it is, and i don't have the money to keep getting that virus fixed. as soon as something new comes along i would really like to know. and if this city like to keep spending money like that there is a serious problem. Good ideas don't come that often, and the way things have been going we need this great idea LORD KNOWS what we have is not working.