Starting a virtual garden tour!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 04/02/2009 - 15:11.

I was thrilled to see all sorts of green sprouts and now colors appearing in our yard this week - and the header of the day features some of the first daffodils on Daffidil Hill, in Lakeview Cemetery - a few blocks from my house in East Cleveland.

I'll let you know when and where are the best flowers in my part of town - you let us know what's popping up around you - let's have a REALNEO virtual garden tour!

First Daffodils on Daffodil Hill, Lakeview Cemetery 2009 - East Cleveland Ohio

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Beautiful Pic

On a lovely, nearly-balmy day.

more spring things.....

 i didn't forget your call for "spring art" norm. i finally am semi image functional at home. here is my weekend offering:

spring at frank's phoenix:

not too colorful yet, but little sprouts here and there are trying...

here is how fast a chick grows:

Reggie is one month old!

this is how a chicken "bathes":

and it seems a winter of heavy snow didnt fare well for the townhomes on tremont ridge:

oh - and these were delicious with mashed red potatoes and sour cream:


Now that is a garden!

Just give us one more year and we'll be on our game... you are amazing!

Find out more about that mold situation - I think we will find most of the prefab, low grade housing rushed to the market in recent decades is unhealthy... people will wish they had saved all those nice, solid, real wood, brick and stone houses they tore down in the... oh yeah, NOW.

Disrupt IT

Mold Home street address?

dbra, where is the Key Bank/Sutton Mold Home? thanks.

Weapon of Choice

  Great photos Debra--I look forward to more signature images from you now that you are equipped with a weapon of choice--a camera.

oooooh! watch your words!

i might get accused of evilness and badness again!

I do love the sign of the frustrated homeowners. Those places ARe a piece of crap. I photographed the interior of one for a client once. I can't believe people buy those things.......

don't have the number

its between west 5th and west 6th on University Rd. (KNA Railroad - but cimperman changed the name to appease the aesthetic interests of the developers... there used to actually be a railroad that ran along that ledge).

signs of spring

here's some more signs of spring for you Norm:

the little green sprouts are peas.......


How about this one by brand new realneo journalist mark123?  

Laura, what is the distinction between this and Tricia Chaves's spam?

You want this taking up space on the server?




asmi123 is seriously looking for decking to enjoy this spring outdoors. 

So, lo and behold, look what takes place! 

Mark 123 has just the answer for asmi123. 

Decking from the UK!

Hey, at least someone is enjoying the sunshine so we can leave this post up for Google to search for relevant decking discussion and then find it here on RealNEO.

That's great.