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Producing maple sugar requires a lots of preparation, equipment,  labor, and firewood.   Right now in Ohio is when all these components are brought to bear on the maple sap.   There are a number of tests (I will described some here in a comment soon) for determining the proper concentration of the sap as it flows through the pan still.  But the color of the syrup is determined the old fashioned way – with the eye.     Following are a few maple sugaring scenes from Geauga County.   Thanks to my hosts and the crew for their hospitality!


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Sap is rising

Jeff, I am constantly amazed by your ability to be in so many places at one time.
Thank you for this story.  Yum.


jeff are you sure your not making whiskey-
you bring out the humor in me-
cheers yogi guy

mmmmmmm good

 this has me frying bacon and whipping up some pancakes this morning! Heck, I might even make some cowboy coffee to get the whole experience!