Submitted by jerleen1 on Sun, 09/13/2009 - 16:57.

Ladies start rounding up your pins and needles as well as looking for those unusual odds and ends of yard goods that will put your mark in an american quilt.

Also bring your moms and grandma, aunts, sisters, daughters, nieces, etc.  This is a simple class and everyone can sew. 

Will provide date and time later.  Will be looking forward to see all of you there.  It will be in the Tremont area and open to everyone.  No charge and just a friendly gathering for us all to enjoy.  Will be something to keep our spirits up through the long cold Cleveland winter.


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Never quilted before but I

Never quilted before but I am enthused to learn.  Any size needle?  Any type and color of thread?  Or is there a preferance?  Also, what type of material is good to use?  See, I really know nothing about quilting except for how pretty they look when they are finished. 

I am hoping my daughter will join me, if there is no objection to bringing someone who no longer lives in the city.  She has always wanted to quilt and this would be a great opportunity to learn the art.


I am in

the quilting circle if I don't have to show anyone my work. I am a really bad sewer.

Bring anyone you wish.  Any

Bring anyone you wish.  Any size needle that is comfortable for you.  Cotton is usually the best - but I use a lot of different fabrics.  It depends in whether you plan on using it or just for show?  No one is a bad sewer.  Wait until we get started and see how much fun we have.

Debbie, I'm sure that your mom will love to come.  Just show up and we'll take it from  there.  I will provide more details  as we go along.


There are quilts for plain old use, quilts as wedding gifts, baby quilts, pattern quilts, and made up quilts. I know someone that takes old tee shirts from various "save our dogs and cats" causes, makes the quilts, and sells them as a fundraiser for animal benefits. The quilts of the old days were so heavy. They lasted forever, though.