Today’s 7.0 Earthquake Literally Shook the Entire Planet; registered throughout entire USA! (no death just a change of worlds

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Today's magnitude 7.0 earthquake was so ferocious, it literally shook the entire planet DURING – and upwards of 20 minutes AFTER – striking Vanuatu on the other side of the world! According to the US Geological Survey, ALL EIGHTY-EIGHT SEISMOGRAPHS in the the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)  registered the massive quake over ten thousand miles away!  Moreover, the ANSS also registered continued shaking traveling through the planet for upwards of twenty-minutes AFTER the quake ended!

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So forceful and violent was this earthquake, that its shock waves actually registered on every seismograph in the USA; even sending some of the US Seismographs right-off-the-scale ! ! !   It even shook the Yellowstone Super-Volcano!


Scroll down to take a quick look at the eighty-eight seismographs from the USGS ANSS – this article continues below and there is reason to be VERY concerned about what took place today; it will trigger more quakes, volcanoes and other events!  You'll see the large, wild, lines registering the quake on all the readings below and bear in mind this shaking hit the USA which means we could be next:


means we could be next:



When our planet suffers such a forceful event, it has repercussions elsewhere. 

This quake took place on the notorious Pacific Tectonic Plate, which is the one responsible for the infamous "ring of fire"  — a ring around the Pacific ocean consisting of earthquake regions and active volcanoes.  Here's what the "ring-of-fire" looks like on a map:


All of the areas along that red line are geologically active and when something jolts them, or rattles them like today's 7.0 did, it can set in-motion all sorts of other seismic or volcanic events around the world; perhaps even HERE on the west coast of the United States, which is up against that very same tectonic plate.

What did the quake jolt, HERE?   What got knocked around underground, HERE?  What got weakened HERE?  There's no way to know!  And that's the danger; when something this big strikes in an area with direct geographic attachement to the United States (and Canada) we have to be mindful that what took place literally around the world today, could set-in-motion something else taking place, HERE.

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Today's 7.0 is the SECOND MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN TWELVE DAYS to strike the Pacific Tectonic plate; the first was a Magnitude 7.8 which struck Ecuador.  There is no sure way to predict an earthquake here in the USA (or anywhere) and we are NOT doing that.  We are merely pointing out that the event which took place today can have actual effects here in the USA and those effects could be — disastrous.

When you consider that today's quake shook the planet, and twelve days ago, an even bigger quake in the Pacific off the coast of Ecuador shook the planet as well . . . and when you realize that these distant quakes have literally shaken faults here in the US, you have to ask yourself:"How much more shaking can OUR faults take before one of them lets go in a big way?" 

It therefore makes sense to us, to alert readers about these facts so the reader can decide for himself whether or not to take some minor precautions.


What would it hurt to have some emergency water supply on-hand?  What would it hurt to fuel up the car case you have to flee?  What would it hurt to top-off the propane tank for the barbecue grill in case you are stuck home and unable to cook because electric and gas is disrupted by a quake?  These are not major changes or expenses, but having them can save your life if disaster strikes.

Do you  have flashlight(s) and spare batteries to keep them working if the lights go out?  Do you have a portable AM/FM radio with spare batteries so you can tune-in to news and official information?  Again, no big expense to have these things and no big effort to go double check that you do!

If the cell towers and phones go out, do you have a CB radio at home and in each car so you can communicate with your loved ones?  CB's are CHEAP and they run on a car cigarette lighter or battery.  They can talk for miles and do not require any government license to operate.

Medication is important to some folks because they take certain meds to continue living.  Do you have an adequate supply of such medicine?  What if a quake strikes and the roads and bridges collapse, disrupting supply lines.  You may have to tough-it out for a couple weeks.  Do you have enough medicine to survive a month?

More importantly, do you  have some canned foods, vegetables, fruits that won't go bad if the electric is gone for weeks?  How about a 50 lb bag of rice?  How about some oatmeal for breakfast?  Having some of these things for each member of your family will make sure you have food to live on for a couple weeks.  

These are some of the things folks on the west coast ought to be thinking about right now.  Don't wait.  Today's earthquake was very, very serious and it could trigger other events.  Prepare, just in case.


The maps below from the US Geological Survey show EARTHQUAKE FAULT ZONES in the entire USA.  Each fault is shown by a red line.  If you live anywhere near one of these faults, or if you have friends or family who live near any of them, you need to ALERT THEM that their fault was shaken today by the 7.0 quake in Vanuatu and that shaking might trigger something near them.  They too should be told to prepare just in case.  

Don't wait or slough this off as "panic."  You see for yourself the earthquake seismographs above from the USGS proving the whole USA was shaken.  It's better to be safe than sorry by warning folks you care about.



 Close-up of western US states and their fault zones (Red Lines)


We must emphasize there is NO WAY TO PREDICT AN EARTHQUAKE and we are not doing that.  We are merely reporting what has actually taken place and offering information to the public so they can decide for themselves if preparation is something they want to do.  When it comes to emergency preps, we at think it is better to have it and not need it, than toneed it and not have it.

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