Chrysler Dodged the bullet for now

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 06/21/2009 - 12:50.
Chrysler Dodged the bullet for now

I don't think Fiat will be able to do much with Chrysler - unless Fiat completely drops all the Chrysler products.  

In its bankruptcy Chrysler wanted to keep Jeep – “one of its good brands”.   I don’t think so.   Jeep is a consumerized left over from WWII.   It continues to amaze me that the unsafe Jeep, powered with its fuel inefficient straight 6 is driven anywhere but on un-paved roads on Carib Islands.   The Dodge in the image was transportation design inspired by the US moon program.   At that time - 50's - there was a direct link between Moon aspirations, lip stick holders, and automotive design.   If Chrysler thinks Jeep Liberty (named after Twin Towers were toppled) is their good brand, then Chrysler still hasn’t gotten the message…a half century later.
Image is a 1959 Dodge Royal Sedan with a 361 cu in V8 and a 3 speed Torque Flight automatic transmission permanently parked in the woods in Maine (not NEO).


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