tom-commander stacho-all you heroes - vehicle door banging noise = guns shots harresment 11:16 pm march 10, 2015 video

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hi tom - commander stacho - all you heroes -
a vehicle drove fast and stopped in front of our home ministry at 11:46 pm to 11:47 pm march 10, 2015 - and opened and closed the driver side and back driver side doors about 7 times - real hard - which made loud noises which i presume was to scare me  - to be like gun shots - and drove away fast - sophia started barking as they stopped before the door noise -
i have 4 camera videos which i will upload to youtube and do a post and send you - of incident - i can't think of the make of vehicle now - i'm thinking a older sleek looking chrysler or mercury - can't tell the color - 4 door - it has a sun roof - some one can view the license number by playing with the video -
eternal thanks - cheers - sophia and guy

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