Pulling the Race Card to Divide and Conquer our People.....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Mon, 01/03/2011 - 08:30.
The PD wrote an article about "Black Leaders Uniting.." that is a reflection of the endless division of the people that has been used to sustain HUMAN QUOTAS for big government programs...
This is not just about Black & White or Hispanics and Middle Eastern folks...it's about people in general... Our local government and non profit system FARMS our PEOPLE at large and continues to fail us by being corrupt and unfriendly to business investment...
Keep allowing the backroom deals, demolishing entire communities, and talking a line of BS about all your community development efforts...at the end of the day-GREED drives our local economy via the core Government and public servant community! 
Once our local philanthropic community begins to change their ways...they may just inspire the citizens to participate and invest within...but the decay that was initiated locally will SPREAD like wildfire to the suburbs if they don't pull their heads out of their judgmental behinds! 
Below is my cleveland.com response to the article.

Demographics, (CLOSED DOOR) Grant funding methods, and bidding for public dollars create a great need for quotas.... There is a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR NOT FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY that thrives in Greater Cleveland and is CODEPENDENT on NEEDY QUOTAS (of all colors/creeds)...

All we need are more quotas to get more dollars...Our biggest WELFARE MOTHER IN OHIO is WALMART....ask your reps...They hire people who train their employees to earn just enough to also get approved for full welfare benefits at the same time... and there are many other fast food type restaurants that do the same...

Ultimately, generations of local leaders have learned to abuse public transparency, deprive the people of true public participation, and they have learned to plan and plan until they plan to demolish half the city in order to create great parks in our city...

Overlay the Empowerment Zone, Enterprise Zone, Community Development, and Planning Commission (City/County) Maps....figure it out...

The people are QUOTAS for BIG GOVERNMENT.... The jail system and reentry programs are codependent on QUOTAS...why would they want to do the right thing by the people??? The same goes for most of these public organizations...and the entire world of "DISABLED" Folks across our city...when over 320,000 people in Cuyahoga County suffer from Mental Illness-do you begin to see the quotas???

People quotas drive an entire industry....JUST CALL IT: "PEOPLE FARMING" BY & FOR BIG GOVERNMENT and OVERPAID EXECUTIVES!

It really doesn't matter what color you are if you are being used as a pawn /quota in the game of life by your leaders! It's just sad that the races have to unite under divided circumstances! They like it that way though...because if the demographically disadvantaged united collectively--this community at large would see REAL CHANGE!!!! 


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Parasitism of the POOR

Thank you Dianna--you are a clear voice--I mentioned this before in 2007.

I am sick of philanthropic "do-gooders" and non-profit CDCs--I want some folks who can roll up their sleeves and fix things :)

"FARMING PEOPLE"....using residents as "QUOTAS" to get GRANTS...

Are you being used as a "QUOTA?" 

Are you a demographically disadvantaged citizen in NEO? 

Do you receive public assistance, are you disabled, do you get HEAP, are you elderly, are you low income, are you simply a resident of a neighborhood which is targeted for demolition? The questions go on and on...but it's pretty simple....do you count as a quota for your leadership to ascertain public funding (FEDERAL GRANT MONEY)? If you are a resident of Cleveland...most likely you do serve as a quota to some degree.... or someone in your family does. Are you a formerly convicted felon, a traffic violator, a victim of domestic violence, a medical client for some health condition, a drug addict, or a homeless person? Are you black or white or hispanic or vietnamese? It does not matter....you are a quota. That means you drive a multi billion dollar industry....helping the needy.

The questions become....once you are "USED AS A QUOTA" so that these "GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND NOT FOR PROFITS" can ascertain federal grant funding to administer their "HELPFUL PROGRAMS".....are you able to get the assistance that they are trickling down to the "Demographically disadvantaged" and how is that money actually being spent? 

You have rights to ask questions and demand fiscal accountability. You have a right to know how that funding is helping your community and how it is being spent. Are the programs sustainable? Are they worthy of federal funding? Are they being used effectively or are those programs used to send you chasing your tail? 

If you feel that programs are ineffective; you have rights to speak up. You have rights to file complaints with higher echelons to protect the public at large from abusive practices. Do not allow these program administrators to intimidate you, to steer you around in circles, and to destroy your ambition to resolve your own demographic disadvantages. Find empowerment within to overcome their abusive methods. 

It is time to begin speaking up....to make these programs accountable and to force the administrators to stop wasting government tax dollars. 

Many programs are redundant, should be liquidated, and should be merged to save billions of dollars annually for the public at large. Many of these grant funded programs are a joke....and our public leadership needs to acknowledge that and protect the public at large by making grand changes to reduce governmental wasteful spending. 

Perhaps getting a little political would make grand changes in your community. Perhaps holding the representation accountable would inspire them to stand up in legislative meetings to prevent wasteful approvals of funding to non productive organizations that are codependent on public funding. Unless a politician is padding his buddy's behind----for jobs etc.... there are countless entities that need to be removed from the grant funding allotments approved annually by our representatives. 

Fiscal accountability....demand it.... save our children and grandchildren from paying back (Federal deficit) debts credited to save unnecessary government programs which exploit the demographically disadvantaged. Get political and call your reps.  

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"