To Save People The Bother of Attacking Me

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 21:12.

I'll be brief.

I co-founded realNEO in 2004 because Northeast Ohio needs realNEO - the world needs realNEO. It is entirely different from any other "social network" or content management system on Earth, building upon the ICEarth co-op conceptual framework.

I developed the ICEarth (Internet/Information Community Earth) conceptual framework in global collaboration, in the late 1990's, and founded ICEarth LLC, in 2002, to build the co-op data warehousing and serving platform for the ICEarth conceptual framework.

We have built specialised hardware for ICEarth, running specialised open source software, all developed to unique specifications. Initial testing of the hardware and software configurations exceeds expectations.

We are now conducting benchmarking and field testing, and early market deployment.

So, my new co-op is building and deploying specialised supercomputers and open source software not otherwise in development, use or deployment here, or anywhere in the world, and we will do that where we are most welcome.

In relocating ICEarth, I promise you my family presence will disappear from here and realNEO.

Real co-op owns realNEO, unless Peter Holmes still has some interest in it he intends to pursue - I have never been able to clear-up that conflict, from several years ago. In any case, I do not own realNEO, so don't blame any problems you may have with it on me. Learn to compute, and be real.  I make no claims to realNEO, since developing it, other than over my data. If people want to shut down realNEO feel free - ICEarth is not at all related.... there are no common interests.

I am proud of everything about realNEO, and all my work here in Northeast Ohio, over the past five years. I - my family - invested much in helping the public space here - I went on the line and lost for lead poisoning - to know there are people out there who want to harm us makes me sick.

Life is too short for that - especially after accomplishing so much, and with so many challenges ahead.

The End

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BTW - When I Saw How People Were Treating My Family

BTW - When I Saw How People Were Treating My Family, last Thursday, I sent this letter to my attorney at Thompson Hine, Commissioner Jones, the Democratic Party, the Plain Dealer and a few other interested parties with whom I'd communicated an interest in running for County Executive - I was not seeking endorsements... just following apparent procedure:

Peter and Mary,

I spoke with many people and had a very positive response to my
interest in running for County Executive - you need someone like me -
I'm sure I could win. But my family has already suffered so many
attacks just in trying to do innovative business here, seeing the harm
escalate because I want to help the community more is just
unacceptable. This is not a safe place to innovate.

I've been working on ICEarth for about 15 years, without any
development help in this community, while suffering much harm from
haters in the IT community here - mostly white republican/libertarian
freaks - I moved ICEarth away once - got lured back and screwed, but
started a beautiful family - had that destroyed - but still built one
of the world's greatest social networks ever, and one of the world's
most important computers. All that has gone completely unappreciated,
even as it offers so much potential here.

What I have developed is too important to have killed by haters here -
I must look for a new home for the company where we will have
community support. We need to move someplace where we may grow very
large, very fast, and I can't waste time on bullshit.

ICEarth will still save real NEO, but probably not from here.

Let your networks know.

Disrupt IT

I resigned from GCLAC the same day

I still support their work 100%, but must separate myself from the community.

Disrupt IT

norm whats your private email

norm whats your private email

questministry [at] att [dot] net

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