Submitted by jerleen1 on Sat, 10/31/2009 - 01:27.

A section of the bicycle trail and sidewalks come up the hill from Steelyard Commons and joins the West 14th Street Round-About.  In view of the number of accidents, specifically the number of semi's along with their monsterous loads that keep flipping over and  onto the sidewalks, should pedestrians or cyclists feel safe in traveling these paths.

Since there are no warning signs before a big truck flips, these haulers of such heavy loads put pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of this circle at a much greater risk.  

As depicted in this photo, the semi is laying right across the bicycle trail.  This accident occurred on the evening of October 30, 2009.

 Being smashed under the enermous weight of one of these rigs would no doubt mean certain death.  

Can the Ohio Department of Transportation or the City of Cleveland be put on notice that there needs to be a re-design for this confiruration where tragedy lies in wait?


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I agree Jerleen, something

I agree Jerleen, something needs to be done to prevent a tragedy.  How many accidents have occured at the round-about since it was built?