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For a couple of years,  Tremont West Development Corp.,  Executive Director Chris Garland has refused the request of intersted parties to allow anyone to view only the names of the membership list, boasting a 900 plus active enrollment. At the Nov. 11, 2009 special meeting, they did not make quorum and rumor has it that they are now planning on purging this membership list prior to the Annual meeting in January to reduce the required percentage number for making quorum in hopes of sidestepping, yet, another embarassment.

How do they plan on explaining such a large reduction in such a short time? and, Why have they kept so many of these names on the books for so long? How has keeping these "long-gone" members' names on the roster aided TWDC?   Were they able to gain more funding by keeping the roster in seclusion?  did it postulate their attitude in the face of other CDC's?  Were they afforded the privilege of gaining a competitive edge for grant monies and model grant funds?  

Secondly, what is Executive Director Garland's explanation for  allowing two individuals to walk out of the TWDC Office with labled envelopes in hand, which has now resulted in a possible compiled list of names and addresses of the membership, that could be copied, floated, posted, shipped, mailed, spammed and shared around the world with no limitations?  This would no doubt be in violation of the privacy concerns on which Mr. Garland has based his premise for not allowing anyone to view and/or assist in purging the list. 

Thirdly, in a conversation with several elderly ladies that attended the November 11, 2009, special meeting, they were cackling worse than old hens laying eggs because they felt they had been "had".  The "lyin' dogs" had promised to give out some "gift cards" (hopfully for shopping or a good meal at one of these fine restaurants) and nobody got a thing.  One old lady told me she was pissed off and they "the liars nedn't to ask me to come to anything else.  They lured me in there under false pretense and I think I ought to sue. I sat there on my bad hip for two hours, and all I got was a wet balony sandwich that I thowed in the trash, no, no, no more for me.  That's a lying bunch and I got my papers to prove it."  I kept shaking my head in agreement and moving away but as I turned to go this discontented old-timer yelled, "you tell 'em I got my broom by the door and if they come a knockin' again, I'm gonna use it." 



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love her...

she crystalizes the issue.

Yea dbra, she pretty much

Yea dbra, she pretty much said it all except she did say something else about it sure not being worth her missing the country music awards or something.  Left me thinking how many others left that night thinking the same thing.  Shucks. two of the board members didn't even bother showing up to vote at the special meeting.

I have to keep wondering how long Councilman Cimperman wants to keep ending up with egg on his face while about half of the board members just lackadaisically happen to show up at board meetings to approve the minutes from the last meeting and keeps the chairs company while "Sammy Says," and they try to figure out "Who's on First" with the duet team of Garland and Cook.