Trespassers still encroaching on Tremont soul's property!

Submitted by jerleen1 on Sat, 04/24/2010 - 18:14.

 Trespassers are still parking construction equipment on private property as well as Tree House patrons having access to convenient parking.


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Who maintains the lot?

It looks cut and well worn from constant vehicle traffic

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I do believe that tremont

I do believe that tremont soul does have someone who comes by and mows the grass.

The traffic paths you see is from people parking on the property and from the parking of construction equipment.  We all know who the construction equipment belongs to ain't tremont soul.

That is heavy equipment... is this an industrial lot?

That is heavy equipment... is this an industrial lot? I don't have a bulldozer.. who does? Why? Why is it parked on a residential lot in Tremont?

Tow that... or better yet, sell it on Craig's List and have a new owner tow it away forever.

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Well, if you looked really

Well, if you looked really close, this is a different piece of equipment that what was parked there last week.  This is not industrial property.  If the variances Tree House owners are asking for are granted,  this property will eventually end up being worthless. 

If someone left their bulldozer in my yard

If someone left their bulldozer in my yard, I'd chain it up so it may not leave, and file for ownership.

I suggest Tremont Soul build a fence while the bulldozer is on his property and make the owner destroy that or pay him to get his bulldozer back... same goes for the cars parked there... seize them

I know people who could build a fence there in 5 minutes...

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tremontsoul needs to remake this issue

If unauthorized parking is happening, and since tremontsoul says that the "no parking or you will be towed" signs just disappear, think outside the box. Employee a few neighborhood guys, and declare it a valet parking lot. Charge whatever! $25 dollars for 3-4 hours. Squeeze them in, and make some money. Fees can be split between tremontsoul and the valets.  Borrow some "valet parking" signs and some orange cones, and go for it. Have a sign stating the fees, and if someone parks who shouldn't, get their license plate and report them for theft (cab drivers can do this for people who don't pay fares).

You are so smart... dwebb

You are so smart... dwebb... add some of those fancy new vendor carts and build a patio for their customers - compete with the Tree House.

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just common sense

1) Guys in Tremont could use some money in there pocket

2) this fulfills a need for off street parking

3) this is an already accepted practice, a common law of sorts for an area that makes its own laws

4) tremontsoul is reclaiming his property, yet again.

Like the vendor ideas. They would need a permit to build a deck, but just throw up some tables and chairs on the side walk (not the lot, it has to be the sidewalk), and  go for it. Best to obstruct the sidewalk so that folks in wheelchairs or parents with strollers have to go into the street to pass by, and it fits real nice. 

Have some small garbage cans up against the buildings, visible from the street. let them overflow. Don't have them too close to the sidewalk patio, though. When it gets hot, sell bottled tap water for $3, cold will cost $3.50. There are some  old time hot dog vendors in Tremont who would appreciate a new venue.

Sign a good neighbor policy, and you are in business.

Pure genius

Pure genius

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and donate to Old South Side Coalition

Some proceeds should be donated to the OSS which seems to be the only true grassroots thing we have going on right now (anyone want to do one for Ward 14??). OSS needs to file for 501(c)3 status, and qualify for some competing funding.  

We're way ahead of you

We're way ahead of you dwebb.  We've been discussing this for some time since Tremont West only seems to be interested in becoming a member of the Fortune 500 Club we've been checking into applying for 501 c(3) non-profit status for some time.

The OSS is holding a special community meeting on Wednesday, April 28, at 6:30 p.m., at the St. John Cantius meeting hall, corner of College and Professor, West 10th Street Parking lot entrance) to discuss these issues and concerns.

All signs in close proximity of the Tree House seem to mysteriously disappear or end up being "hacksawed" off. 

When it comes to the garbage, why buy a can - nobody else does - they just pile it up on the ground. 

For the past two weekends we have been able to get some assistance from the Police Dept.  One car was towed from College for blocking a drive way. And yesterday there were tickets handed out for parking in Handicap spaces and one for parallel parking and leaving her vehicles half way out in the street.  There were also a couple of cars towed yesterday further up on College and Professor.

We had several people monitoring the number of vehicles being parked and owners going into the Tree House.  Just on three streets we counted 72 vehicles taking up street spaces.  The second illegally permitted patio (which according to them only needs 8 parking spaces) was so packed I couldn't count all the heads.   I did get an approx. head count of 62.  The smaller patio was also packed and I managed to get a head count of 36.  (got pics too).  The bar itself was jammed packed, the front door was open and you could hear the noise and music all the way up past the church.

Here's what people are thinking now.  They have managed to get away with some of this stuff because of political clout.  Brother Bart Leneghan (named in the Russo-Dimora Cuyahoga County Corruption investigation bought into the Tree House last summer.  He also bought the 10 space parking lot at 811 College and he bought the parcel on which the illegal permitted patio was built.  There is no doubt that he is in a position to apply a lot of pressure to Councilman Cimperman to support and go along with these schemes.




They should all be ashamed of themselves

So that means you probably saw about 100 people driving while drunk later... police take care of any of that?

What a wonderful service for the neighborhood, the Treehous provides - I want my kids growing up around those people for sure! Do they give away toys and candy to the poor at Christmas?

So where do all these rude, illegal assholes actually live?!? Not in Tremont, obviously.

Why should Tremont want any of them coming there?

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I also know they've been

I also know they've been running to "Weeney-Sweeney"  who is also being investigated by the FBI and crying on his shoulder for back up. 

The Plain Dealer's PRstitute has it covered...

Sweeney is perfect. So are the other council people. So is the Plain Dealer.

You are just a depressed hater, and my lead poisoned kids are just a bit slow.

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Yea, at the last Economic

Yea, at the last Economic Development meeting, Tom indicated that he was going to discuss all this with Councilman Keen because he was a lawyer.  Since the city kept replacing the hacksawed "no parking" sign on College last summer - everytime an issue comes up Sweeney's name gets thrown in the mix somehow.