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Elizabeth Schiros


Deirdre Lauer (A Leading Attorney on the TWDC Bylaws Committee)


David Mehring safety [at] TWDC [dot] org


Robert Pinkerton


Larry Cornett lcornett@en. com

I gave all attending the meeting the latest draft comments on the draft bylaws and the Tremonsters e-mail list announcement

David Mehring was most sympathetic with my concerns


Perhaps willing to consider delaying the vote on the bylaws until the January meeting if the needed changes to the proposed bylaws are only half baked in time for consideration at the November 11 meeting

Elizabeth Schiros was the most defensive about the proposed bylaws as they stand:


Alleged that the proposed bylaws were designed to maximize community participation.


She did not think that attending 3 meetings in a year is sufficient to make a person a member of at least the Bylaws Committee, since they

have met 2 times per month for a considerable time and

consistent attendance is needed to prevent having to repeat previous discussions to bring new members up to speed.


Four previous attempts to put together new proposed bylaws were thwarted by delays to address all concerns

Deirdre Lauer mostly listened

The meeting seemed to result in General Agreement on:


Need for the proposed bylaws to encourage participation by the Tremont Community thru members having authority and protection against harassment


Need for a code of conduct (perhaps including some of my concerns along with some Tremonsters rules for how controversial matters should be discussed) and mechanisms to enforce it


Ex officio Board Members being selected by the Committee and not appointed by the Board


Concern about any attempt by TWDC to use its influence to micromanage Block Clubs, but David Mehring was at least was open to some minimal standards to assure that residents have authority to fully participate in block Clubs if TWDC is to act as their fiscal agent and provide administrative support

Ask Chris Garland for


The form and procedures necessary to submit amendments to the bylaws committee proposal at the scheduled November 11 special meeting on the proposed bylaws (due 14 days before the meeting)-since, allegedly according to the existing bylaws, amendments are not allowed to be introduced from the floor of that meeting


The Fiscal Agent Agreement for a relationship between an organization and TWDC



At the beginning of the meeting, I was given 15 minutes to present my concerns, which I did


David Mehring did not attend


Elizabeth Schiros is clearly the most hostile of all to the concerns that I raised, although she is the only one who said something indicating that my concerns about resident rights and participation were echoed in the response from block clubs she was at, while someone else at the meeting who was at other block clubs indicated that that was not her experience


Allegation that the IRS 501C3 audit program requires a strict top down bylaws structure because of the fiduciary responsibility of the board and because they are concerned that committees might do something that would be detrimental No actual need exists to change the existing bylaws to meet IRS requirements or to withstand an audit of their bylaws, although the IRS might ask for them to be revised to be more specific


The TWDC Articles of Incorporation were distributed, without the cover pate. Under the heading THIRD CONTINUED, they are clearly oriented to promote gentrification. and say nothing explicitly about the recreational programs, etc.--which they say are allowed under the last paragraph of that section which allows anything not banned


Most Tremont neighborhoods are relatively well to do and they don’t want to make committee membership open to any interested residents because the welfare of a neighborhood may have to be sacrificed for the good of Tremont as a whole, and the people in that neighborhood could pack a committee to prevent it


While they are against any requirement for democratic structure or resident participation in block clubs because it would interfere in their internal affairs, they passed a 3 year Term limit on ex-officio board members across the board


They may create and post draft contracts on rights and responsibilities of Committee members


A copy of the form and procedures necessary to submit amendments to the bylaws committee proposal at the scheduled November 11 special meeting on the proposed bylaws (due 14 days before the meeting)-since, allegedly according to the existing bylaws, amendments are not allowed to be introduced from the floor of that meeting. It appears that the form and procedures are still being written

The Fiscal Agent Agreement

He said he would send me them


Clearly, Tremont needs a Residents’ Association that is structured to assure that:


Poor residents needs are a priority,


All residents who choose to participate have a voice, and that


I hope that the Old South Side Community Coalition can become a mechanism that will create what is necessary to bring this about. Many of my suggestions concerning the proposed TWDC bylaws are also applicable to what the bylaws of such an organization should include. I also think that the Resident’s Association should have separate branches for poor residents vs. other residents, in which both would have to agree for a decision to represent the Residents Association as a whole.

The welfare of existing residents is not sacrificed for the purpose of gentrification, etc.




Larry Cornett

I stayed until about 7:30 because I had a meeting later, and my further participation clearly would not influence their decisions (although it would have been interesting to hear what was said later). I asked Chris Garland for























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Has this job been filled???

Jerleen--I have no idea when this was posted or when this ends, but there is an uptick of Cleveland Housing Network activity after a long hiatus of the organization nearly bankrupted by the foreclosure crisis...can you find the status of this position and a contact name/phone...note the service small task for this no doubt/not well paid position....must be able to leap tall buildings :)




The Community Organizer must be comfortable working in a diverse community including all cultural, ethnic and economic groups.  In addition, the Organizer must be willing to "walk the streets" (get to know the people and the neighborhoods), work nights and occasional weekends.  Finally, the organizer will work with community groups in the Tremont, Brooklyn Centre, Stockyards and the Clark-Fulton neighborhoods as well as coalitions throughout the City of Cleveland.


  • Promote leadership development and community empowerment.
  • Staff community groups on both a long and short term basis; provide direct and indirect leadership to these groups; provide consultation if requested by neighborhood groups.
  • Represent the Agency on neighborhood, inter-agency and city-wide task groups and coalitions when appropriate.
  • Evaluate political, economic and social situations as they relate to community development and problem solving strategies.
  • Act as an advocate for both individuals and groups either as it relates to public policy or individual issues.
  • From time-to-time, the Organizer may be called upon to perform tasks not normally a part of his/her job description.

SALARY:  Based on education level and experience

QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor's degree or better and up to 18 months experience in the field and the inner-city.  Driver's license is required and use of personal car desirable.

Please submit resume to:  Community Organizer, Merrick House, 1050 Starkweather Ave., Cleveland, OH  44113.  NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!!


larry cornett rant


I understand that Larry Cornett has written his own bylaws without anyone else's input and demands that they be adopted by the whole neighborhood.

Well I've been here for thirty years. I've never heard of Larry Cornett. He doesn't speak for me or anyone but himself.

I am no fan of TWDC. But I am familiar with the by-laws and the proposed chages and the statements made in the post are not true. Anyone can read the changes which are available online and at every recent block club meeting and will find this to be the case.

I also know that Ms. Schiros has been the loudest voice for membership rights and in fact joined the committee for the sole purpose of protecting those rights. Anyone saying otherwise is simply misinformed.

Well, I guess you haven't

Well, I guess you haven't lived here long enough.  Larry Cornett is a member of this community and he along with a few other is working on set of alternative by-law recommendations - which we do have a right to do.  I think it's called the democratic way.  Robert's Rules affords us that privilege and no one should take offense to anyone exercising their rights.

What is a bit fuzzy is the fact that according to Robert's Rules is that we must produce our recommended changes to the membership 14 days prior to the voting date, however, at the present time, TWDC has and does refuse to provide us with a copy of the membership mailing list claiming privacy issues - on the other hand word is that they also are going to refuse to include our document in their by-law mailing packet that is going out to the membership (which also must be out 14 days prior to the voting date). 

Now, that seems like a bit of discrimination to me.  if they're not going to give us the membership list, and they are not going to mail it for us, which ours in only about 3 pages, (minimal postage) then they are denying us our due process. 

That seems reather interesting since just today post cards came in the mail with Tremont West logo "Seeking Public Input" for the Ohio Department of Transportation, at the cost of .28 per card. 

So the question would be, who paid for this expense? and Why would TWDC be doing ODOT's mailings and using the membership list?  hummmmmm?   I guess Vincent Gonzalez, Attorney at Law will have to figure this one out.