Edgewater pier couples cleveland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Thu, 07/02/2009 - 21:54.

Fishing on the pier at sunset, 7.1.09, Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio

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This is Cleveland?!

  For REAL?!  You have really stumped me here, Buster...I will have to go down and visit the lakefront for REAL :)

Poor pier design shouts "Cleveland"

Hello lmcshane,  

One way you can tell that this pedestrian pier is in Cleveland is because 2/3rds of it is missing.  

When the pier was built there were 2 additional walkways which extended right and left from the middle of this remaining walkway.  

On one side of the still existing walk, the now missing lower pier was supported on the "realneo" concrete cap and extended

out to a second and third pier which are out of the image.   Ditto for the other side.

On the "REALNEO" concrete you can see steel rod bent over - this rod was left when the waves came up under the missing deck and tore it away.

I imagine the missing decks are under water.

Any marine engineer knows that a common failure mode for decks over water is uplift.   Many decks are made so that their surface blows out ,

leaving the structural skeleton, if too big a wave rises up undernieth.  Not in Cleveland.   Here we just lose it.

In Cleveland, there are rarely any repercussions from screwing up a tax funded project.  Look at the County purchase of the Ameritrust Tower.

Huge 45 million dollar screw up.  All 3 commissioners still get a paycheck.  No problem.

Like this little pier with its taxpayer paid for missing arms....no one even bothers to demand correction.





Point break...so I will just wait for the BIG WAVE :)  Is there any one who can DO their job right in NEO??

What happened to this:  

What happened to this:


Bathhouse Edgewater Park

  Nice reminder of how we used to be able to enjoy the lakefront. 


What it was once:  

What it was once:


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another angle of the bath

another angle of the bath house. 

Then there is the the once

Then there is the the once was Gordon Park Bath house: